Your Brilliant Illumination
from Master, God Mercury
Channelled by:
October 17, 2011
Greetings dear sons and daughters of God; some know me best as Hermes, the of the Gods, or as Thoth of . I am also the same being that created, what is known as the “Green Tablet”. This Green Tablet is made of green crystal and it carries a visionary message, filled with many meanings. Today’s message is not about the actual Green Tablet created over 10,000 years ago. Today, my discussion is about YOU and that the Green Tablet resides in each of you. With this message I am delivering through this today, I will include the translation of the Green Tablet.
As many of you who have been long awakened to the journey of the Light of God, and to those recently waking, you are coming into awareness of certain truths. You are learning what was once true, no longer holds the same meaning. It does not necessarily make what you have learned prior as false, just incomplete until you learned otherwise. Without the falsehood of information to prove otherwise, you would not have discovered the truth to what you seek. Each part of your life, regardless of your or your own personal life, all you do requires balance dear ones.

 There has been much talk of Unity and Oneness, not just Oneness with God, but most importantly Oneness with yourself. The unity that is sought is first found within yourselves. Seek the knowledge of yourself and find peace with what you find. Learn all that makes you so unique; learn what it is that requires changing, adapting, or removal of older ideals. Find balance with ALL that makes you, YOU. Your body, mind and are to be equal in all aspects. It is achievable and not impossible. Sacrifice is required, and that is mainly focus on wanting to be balanced and find that Inner-calm. All your life challenges have been helping to recreate a newer and wiser YOU. These life challenges have given you many lessons that accepted, absorbed and gained so much knowledge. The acceptance of what life has taught you so far, is in preparation of the UNITY you are seeking within yourselves. And many of you have moved into this Unity already but this Unity still has to be maintained, as it is easy to get side-tracked with distractions. Remember dear ones that each beautiful part that make you so special has equal importance. There is not one chakra, or one characteristic, etc., that is better than the other. Everything that makes up YOU has equal and valid importance.


When you are able to find this UNITY, this oneness with yourself and ALL that makes this possible, you have the brilliance of Illumination that stems from God and shared with all of mankind. The freedom you will receive once this Unity is reached will fill your , body and soul with so much joy. It is all worth the effort to focus dear ones. Yes, it requires hard work and perseverance but haven’t you already proven your numerous times? You have the personal power and inner- to do anything you set yourself out to do. This power and that resides inside of you, is very subtle, yet at the same time so powerful when it is in motion. Your personal power and inner- has the ability to penetrate every fixed element. You have the power, and ability to make CHANGE happen.
With all the goodness that lives in your heart dear ones, and the you have for every person and creature, along with your outstanding personal power and inner strength you have already what is requires to help create a newer world that includes a newer way of thinking and of being. You already have the knowledge dear ones, now it’s needed to be shared and put into use. You do this by utilizing . is very powerful. is the best healers and the best ingredient to have in all the creative aspects you put forth that will help change the world. The change you make with yourself is only the beginning dear ones.
When you begin to ILLUMINATE your own bright light that is filled with your own strength, power, and LOVE, the world around will change also, for you won’t see it the same way. Your new eyes will help you see more and understand more. Your goodness will come through in your selfless actions and openness to understand those that are in your life without being judgemental.  
Before I depart this dear one, I would like to touch on one more thing; the spiritual symbolgy of Light. What I am speaking here are the Rays. You know the Rays by colour, by name of which Master is the Chohan. These Rays are direct from God and God’s lighted heart. Each colour of each Ray resides in each human heart. There will be a Ray that will shine a bit brighter in each of you as you resonate higher with different frequencies. If you have not thought of this before, look at the different Rays, and the beings that embody each Ray and the ones that work within that Ray’s office. You will be drawn to specific ones more than others, but will find much personal and spiritual growth and knowledge from all of the together.
Now that I am ready to depart this kind, and dear soul for the moment; know dear ones that you are loved always beyond measure.
And so it is, Master, God Mercury through Julie Miller