Message from of
Channeled by:
November 27, 2011

I AM Elohim of Purity, also known as the Elohim of the Fourth Ray. My Divine Compliment or Twin Ray is the beautiful and mighty Astrea. You may seek further information from our retreat that is over the Gulf of Archangel in the Russian White Sea.

Another season approaches as one ends in some areas of the world. For some the approaching festive holiday of brings added stress to many people across the world. With the economy rising and falling like a fast moving roller coaster, many are holding onto their savings a little longer. Your carefulness is to be appreciated and wise. During the chaotic financial times, it’s important dear ones to be vigilant in all areas of your every day lives.

As you move forward into a higher consciousness you will be able to recognize many that stem from lack of PURITY in their hearts and their focus is derived from their inflated egos. Sometimes this happens quicker that a realizes. Some dear ones get so caught up trying to be better than the next , they lose themselves in the shuffle. Each of are striving for rich enlightenment that is anchored in the consciousness of the I AM Presence. It is well encouraged to aid one another with support, love and guidance. Only remember your journey is not the next ’s journey. It is important to remain to your true self on the journey you are on.

There is a beautiful, glorious future for all of you; a future created by you. Each of you is the Creators of the future that is heading this way. Making sure your thoughts, your actions and words are of the PUREST intent will aid not only your own future but others as well. The more you work from your own I AM Presence, the more light you will be shining onto others; shining the way for them to follow. Your own climb gives knowledge to many that are just starting to rise to challenge of their spiritual journey. And there are others who are able to give you words of wisdom from their own knowledge gained. The PURE and simple act of sharing is an act of God as this begins from your that is filled with exquisite love and light for all mankind; not just fellow Lightworkers.

The PURITY of your own actions that lead to thoughtful words and understanding is the beginning of Grace and Truth. There are many beginning of Truth you will find from the many challenges you will face. Each new Truth will help diminish and old lesson or belief once learned that no longer has little to no value. You are creating for yourselves, a newer and wiser YOU. This newer and wiser YOU is based on actual experience from the lessons that were derived from the challenges you had to face.

Try not to dwell on the feelings of your emotional body but face the sunshine of your Presence instead. Feel your Brilliant presence and feel our arms lovingly about you. Allow yourself to feel the warmness of your guides’ hearts enter your own heart. Feel then, the mighty PURITY of the Universe surround you in a blanket-like embrace. Become one with the Universe and let your worries and troubles melt away just for that moment. Free yourself from any discord, and allow the PURITY of your guides, of me and God into your heart, body and soul. We love you so dearly.

This journey you are on has many twists and turns. You are shaping yourself into perfection. Each of you has your own perfection already mapped out. As you find true, and pure inner peace within yourself, you will find happiness. This happiness does not come from letting the feelings of the ego having its own way. You must feel from your higher self; the Unconditional Love, Beauty, PURITY of Youthfulness is from the Ascended Masters’ which has been charging around you. Your Home is the PURITY of your heart.

Reaching your Eternal Home of Happiness does require letting go of hurts that you experienced along the way, Letting them go as they hold no purpose other than keeping you in the lower octaves of yourself. Allow your guides to do what they do best and guide you. Call for them; reach for them in time of need. Do not hesitate. We want you to rest in permanent peace that is within reach from your own efforts. Open your arms to light and unconditional love that surrounds you from God; let your already abundant heart expand to further heights bringing in even more awareness to share to others that come across your path.

Your presence is a beautiful gift; one to be treasured. I treasured the time spent with you through this dear soul today. I know her love is pure not just for her family, for all beings regardless if they are of a spiritual nature or physical like herself in this 3rd dimensional life stream. I will take my leave of her now knowing I will return.

And so it is, Elohim of Purity through Julie Miller