11.11.2011 Channeling and meditation
Excelsior through Walter Bruneel

This date carries a lot of encoded ; one angle would be what you call numerology.

11 as a sYmbol of : the symbol of the number is formed out of two equal arms, balance. Greater force, bigger capacities, more responsibility.

This date is being discussed as 11 11 11 but is when you get to the nitty gritty of it 11 11 2011 ( 11 not to be reduced to 2 in traditional numerology being a Master Number, thus 11+11+2011 reduced to (11+11=22), (2011=4) ->22+4 = 26 = 8.

8 is infinity and mastery over matter and karma.
If you put 8 1's after each other and multiply this number by itself :11111111×11111111 = 123456787654321: the building up to a new octave and the countdown…this pretty much sums up what this date's about: you're not only completing a cycle but starting the countdown as well.

Completion and start of a new chapter about Mastery over matter and how light can be integrated in the physical.

The 11.11, 12.12 etc. codes are "wake-up calls" on your cosmic radioclock – and we know that a lot of you 'd rather hit "snooze" and stay in bed a little longer.
is now, happens now, and creates it's own momentum and circumstances. You are as well prepared as you could possibly be, other information at this moment wouldn't make sense either because you lack frame, wiring or possibilities.
What we propose is that you make use of the timeportal and the stream of new and information coming to you – don't go into overwhelm experiencing it, keep breathing and ask for the full activation of your complete Self, components included that you have even never heard of ( "cosmic private parts"")

You are a Formula 1 racing car – think of the pitstop at the races with a team that changes tires and vital motor parts in no time, adjusting them for the next round, do you recognize this?
Now is no different, the spectators from Andromeda, they have front row tickets, together with the Pleiadeans, Sirians hustling about with icecream and softdrinks, hahaha, while the Arctureans are orchestrating the lightshow.

Dimensional straw bales are present indeed so you don't catapult yourself into the next continuum unprepared.
The cup is there for each of you and at the same time you all know that qualifying for the next round doesn't mean the end of the game which you get to know better and better.
Excitement and butterflies in the stomach are part of this – enthusiasm! Now that's a pretty word for all of this, it means being in god, being in the , acknowledge the within.
What if this would be more than idle words, if you'd know without a doubt that you are willing to use the divine spark within you to make the biggest possible step for mankind, forget about Armstrong and Aldrin, you're writing history now.

Let us now proceed to the meditation.

Imagine the , feeling your encompassing her whole ( what it does to a certain extent ), a radiant jewel in the vast depths of space.
In the darkness of the space in front of you, a lightbeam appears, through a slit, almost like elevator doors opening, and a lightbeam is shining at you, at the Earth.
This bundle is becoming bigger and is the total package of codes and information reaching the Earth now. You notice briilant colours and frequencies in the light.
The lightbeam is incredibly intense and broadens until it totally encompasses the Earth; now you notice that the beam actually reaches parts in space to the left and the right side of the Earth and impacts all possible pasts, presents and futures of the Earth.

You can see the light spreading over those pasts and futures; you can give a message to all parts of yourself ever, incarnated or not :
This is Ascension, we are experiencing this Now, it is a fact!

We create and manifest this now, for ourselves, for all life on Earth, for this Solar System, this Galaxy, this Universe, for ALL THAT IS.

Let the energy and the information of this ray penetrate all conscious living beings and lift them in consciousness and vibration.
Let the healing energies transform all distortions and untruths, let the healing energies balance all realities.
Anything standing between you and the experience of unity, let it be dissolved in the most complete sense of the word.
All you Masters of Reality Creation :
wake up wake up
wake up !


Let the beams of light now shine troughout the Earth into what is laying in the shadow of the Earth and make that bright as well, enlighten it, heal it.
All forces, intelligences and forms of consciousness whom played a role in this game of polarity : let them be healed and integrated in the light of Ascension.


Ah Re Om