5 November 2011

11:11:11 Approach Ignites the Passion of

Message from

Telepathic transmission 4 November 2011

Meredith Murphy | www.expectwonderful.com

Many of you have arrived as peace in stillnesss.

Doorways of peace liberate your passion.

As you organize your thinking in new ways, new understandings catapult you into new modes of being.

Reorganizing your field is a complex process, orchestrated from within in continual alignment with planetary potentials emerging and quantum contracts or intentions for being.

This illumination of perspective relies heavily upon your physical avatar and it's ability to create a template capable of configuring and managing much larger quotients of light. You are repeatedly tempered so that you expand into the enlarged template; merging gradually your light body with your merkabah and desires for grow.

You long for the continual merging with all-that-is and the passion of that ecstasy is all encompassing. You feel the intensity of this longing and realize the power of your is created by this desire which draws you ever more into expansion; the experience of returning to a merged state of bliss with the Divine, the lover, that is you.

The fire burns within you for this reunion purifying you of all illusions. Distilling your essence–which enlarges as given the conduit of emptiness, non-attachment, the formless recognition of your true nature.

Light uplift others and draws them into communion with inner forces beyond their awareness or comprehension. The relief sets in. Beginnings are initiated and freedom's doorway opened. True spontaneity becomes an option. Different outcomes occur and hope is reinstated. Eventually this continuous ripple gains momentum and hope tips into bliss. Momentary perhaps, but resplendent. Memorable. Life changing.

The 11:11:11 alignment is upon you. The waves of light the field potently transmitting of this precise location are announcing the approach.

The air is crackling and alive with the fringes of this energy–the enormity of this shift to the planetary grid and the return of your memory of Divine Union will collide (for those of your ready to carry these energetics) in an explosion of light and simultaneous integration which will take some time to assimilate.

Your avatar/body may not work well, function for you in old ways at this time and speaking, writing, thinking and doing may seem impossible…as your energy buzzes now, you glimpse what is exponentially coming for you.

All is perfectly unfolding.

Trust in your perfect participation, integration, and subsequent expression.

Doorways of light converge as you. You increasingly exist as light.

We are One.

I AM Ashira