Channeler: Renegades

17 / Maybe Our Home Is Here — Or, Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Nov 21

In the annals of what has been called alien visitation in various and sundry ways are passages and pictures that your people’s most rational minds have been unable to rationalize according to cultural, sociological or ontological methodologies of thought. The perception that your planet is not the only one harboring intelligent life was once hardy and thriving among common folk everywhere, and such visitations as were recorded were, as such, considered to be authentic contact with beings from other planets. With the advent of rationality imposing itself to the exclusion of intuitive knowing, other worlds became heaven or hell, extraterrestrial became angelic or demonic, and all reason was thrown out the window on the subject. You have, for the most part, grown out of such delusional schools of thought and so we are able to convey this information with less need to couch it in the language preferred by those who have considered themselves to be the protectors of truth. Now we may speak more plainly without the risk of misinterpretation or other corruption to our message, for as easily as you read these words you can communicate with those with whom you have some affinity, cosmically or genetically. 
For eons of time, humans born on have been visited by other humans born on other worlds. Contact is nothing new. However, it has been a long, long time since contact has been acknowledged by any leaders of your world, so it has been forgotten, maligned, shoved off to the fringes of respectable subjects for study. So it is little wonder that you approach such a topic with a bit of land-loving skepticism, but we assure you such contact is real and, if you look diligently, documented throughout the history of life on . We have always had a presence on this planet, for longer than humans have walked on it. The Pleiadian presence, along with Orionian, Andromedan, Draconian and infinitely more interesting races you have yet to conceive of, has been instrumental in the development of human life here. Mainly, we try not to get involved in your world’s affairs, apart from sending the occasional emissary or taking clandestine action to keep you from destroying the planet. However, in amiable style we come to you now to let you know without a doubt, you are not easy to help. This is according as much to the rules of the game as to the precondition of amnesia you agreed to prior to jumping in, and is in no way meant to be a complaint. The way things are going, help comes more and more easily, every day.

This long association with extraterrestrials has merited you a bit of stature
in the cynical community of bureaucratic crackpot men of secrets who have long held the staff of power on your world. They have only just learned the real secret, the knowledge that was only knowable to those whose eyes could see light in the hardest-to-light corners of the human experience, like the parts of your soul you never wanted to acknowledge, or the of a rapist. The darkest secrets of those who have been making the darkness itself into light is unraveling and their web of intrigue comes apart at the slightest glint of light from a distant sun. Beings of all kinds have come and gone on this planet, but for the age of power, conquest and domination your leaders have played host to those whose intention you might call malign, and beings of a higher-vibrating understanding have had to live and die by their rules or disappear. Some you know as saints or as gurus, healers and teachers, spirits and manifestations of the . As the fog lifts and your world becomes again host of great light, you will see the difference. And as light-bodied humans begin to appear in your reality, do not forget that such beings have walked the Earth’s paths before, and do not fear. The change that is upon you now leads relentlessly to great harmony on all levels and in all ways.

Never before has such a change happened to the organism that is your planet. There have been upheavals and catastrophes, rebellions and revolutions, but never before has the world seen so much light, and never before have the souls embodied here experienced such a monumental achievement as reaching internal peace, individually or collectively. Now you are as one awakened, casting off the blanket of ignorance that has long been tied to you. Now the heart of this body of sun, planets and moons begins to beat in regular rhythm in time with a higher frequency of being than has ever before been witnessed by human eyes. Many now watch to see the light growing in the collective heart of embodied humans, Earthbound only in name, their minds awake, their bodies glowing. What comes next is unscripted. Your world awakens to a new day, and what shape that takes is largely in your hands. We’ll nevertheless share with you some of the lessons we’ve learned so that if you care to skip some needless rounds of let’s-pretend, you can still avail yourselves of strong medicine for the soul in doubt of itself.

Long ago, from the planets of the star Alcyone were on a reconnaissance mission to the area of your sun, in hopes of making the lost members of an earlier sortie found. They searched the lands last occupied and found desolation, utter ruin, but no survivors. Exploration yielded little hope, but they continued on their mission. What they eventually discovered in a distant land was the remnant of that lost brigade living in amnesia, yet obviously Pleiadian as evidenced by identification with those whom the Alcyonian contingent sought. Now they faced a dilemma. Would their amnesic state further the mission of OM, which was to learn of love and report back, or would the mission be better served by waking them up to who they were and returning safely home with them? Much consultation went on with their leaders of the mission, with their spiritual teachers the Arcturians, and lo and behold, the decision was made to allow circumstances to play out. The lost brigade was found, but it was also left, unrescued and forgetful. Why? It had been determined that they would be much more effective as on Earth in its next grand shift, more so than merely showing up at the last moment. They would blend into Earth’s race of humans enough to survive successive incarnations yet maintain their identity well enough to be effective bringers of a higher understanding of love and love’s mysteries in the dark times to come. Lest you say, with what authority did they make such an awful decision for others, know this: The members of the lost brigade were lost because they had themselves consciously entered into the incarnational of your world, and thus had accepted the foregoing as a possibility for themselves. The reason for such a decision was simply to support the evolutionary project of life on Earth.

For eons, life has taken its course with or without direct interaction by the humans in the matrix. Nothing has been certain in the becoming of what is except that choice has been given to each to use as he or she wills. The rules for your planet are simple. We cannot intervene in your world’s development other than to answer your call for help and guidance or to prevent the catastrophic destruction of the planet as a whole. Further, we are permitted to be present as guides, teachers, guardians and in special cases, avatars and saints of various kinds. Some of those long thought to be messengers from God, sons and daughters of God, or gods themselves really were incarnations of non-terrestrial humans and other beings from planets of other stars. This fact does not dilute the messages they brought with them to share, nor does it lessen their divinity. Most of them came to remind you of your own forgotten and suppressed divine nature. We come again, in the of these words and in the of light to remind you that you are extraordinary beings in your own right. Your attention for far too long has been diverted towards inculcating the belief that you are less than divine, powerless, and in a word, beasts. In a weakened and enshadowed condition, as a people generally you had almost completely acquiesced to such a train of belief from time to time and in various parts of your overall society. That is when our presence has typically been made known to you in one or another. Where are you now? As it happens, you are, as a collective, awakening to the fact that you are divine, that you are connected to each other and beyond. Our appearance now, at this critical juncture in time, is a life-and-death mission. You are precariously perched on the edge of several possible realities, one of which involves our interaction with events designed to lead to your annihilation, and one of which that leads to a mass awakening to the reality of your own divinity. Between these two extremes lay various degrees of life and death, and our mission is to ensure that your highest aspirations as humans come to pass without interference by any other agent of which you have little learning.

Let us continue our narrative of the way certain of our people came to be enmeshed directly into the matrix of Earth’s history. Not all of our appearances are so dramatic as we have just described. Through the ages of your lines of human activity, there have also come into the cycle of birth and death certain others of whom we now speak. Many of you already know that it was not just from the star Alcyone that some of the core genetic lines of your people source. Under the surface of your skin is a mixture of bloodlines from all over the galactic womb and from galaxies of the surrounding neighborhood. Not all of them are what you would consider “nice guys” from the point of view of peaceful coexistence and fun-loving families. But that is how the game of duality began, in terms of human development. Beings from places you have heard about, like the stars of , , and Tau Ceti, became part of the matrix, as did beings from stars for the most part obscured to your knowledge. With various intent they came to be part of the race of humans on Earth, and with various levels of interaction did they enter the game of duality as it is played out here. This is all in accord with the design set forth from the mind of OM, stepped through dimension and density to 3-D reality as you know it. A call was sent forth, many answered, and thus the game was begun. Endless possibilities unfold as you continue to dance through the weave of time. And now, as you stretch yourselves in the dawn of a new day, the possibilities have winnowed down into just a few that ever were imagined from the beginning. As you pick through the strands, know that each opens up into yet other limitless possibility, and choose with joy what future you behold.

No one owns Earth. Many lay claim to her treasures and , yet planting a flag, or a few genetic seeds, no matter how carefully selected they may be, gives no one the right of exclusivity. Earth, Terra, Gaia, as you call the orb of life of which you are an integral part, is not ownable, but it is home to those who choose to live within her sphere. Some have been in Earth’s matrix for a very, very long time, as time is reckoned, and have become quite comfortable with the idea of calling it home, sweet home. Some have been here for longer than they’d like, and some know they’re just passing through. There is no reason to feel bound to one planet to the exclusion of all the possible worlds you could see and experience. Yet there is always that feeling that you originate somewhere else, that you have come here from heaven for a purpose, isn’t there? Heaven is home for your soul. Earth is home for the person your soul creates in response to the call of OM to know perfect love through your experience of life. Yet your soul has entered into many such experiences separate from the one you know as you read these words, in this life, and those places where the other fragments of your soul live have some resonance with home, as well. While one part of your soul enjoys life on Earth, another may be enjoying life on a completely other planet, and so on. You have access to those other aspects of soul through modulation of your core frequency and through your soul you also have direct access to the divine beyond your world’s limits. In fact, there is a whole eternity of time and space for your soul to enjoy. Your experience on Earth is but one, but at this particular intersection of time and space, it is a vitally important one in the realm of life of which your soul has participated in for the purpose of discovering some of the deeper secrets of love in duality with itself.

Somewhere in the past, you left home. Do you remember the look you cast over your shoulder as you did? You carry the burden of sorrow with you still, but do you not also remember the exhilaration you felt as well, the enthusiasm with which you severed yourself from the source of all you yet knew? It was with joy you accepted the invitation from your soul to become separate from your family, your mother, and venture forth in the unknown to make your way alone. Do you remember the happiness with which your family watched you depart, knowing that one day you would return to them, more complete an expression of the love which they too were expressions of? Do not focus solely on the sadness of separation, dear one, though you must acknowledge it as part of your experience, as much as any other. For too long, you have dwelt as outcasts from the garden of love, wandering as one lost and without direction or memory. Come now to the place of remembrance of your origin. Home is here, yes, for now. Our home has been divided and scattered, yet we carry the memory of Lyra always within our hearts, without bitterness, without regret. In the reckoning of time, that home is no more, but in the reality of timelessness, it exists yet in the perfection of the golden radiance we know as Home. Within our hearts, we are ever connected to it. So it is with the race of humans which carries the genetic heritage of the stars of Pleiades, Sirius and a thousand worlds apart from yours. In the reckoning of multidimensional time, you are aware of only one thread connecting you with your greater self, yet you are becoming more aware of the fabric through which you are connected with your greater body of multifaceted soul expressions, your galactic family and your home in the heart of what you call the Milky Way. Joy is only beginning to stir in your hearts as a people in recognition and remembrance. Can you imagine a joy beyond all measure?