3 November 2011

: MA

What and experiences can we expect in November 2011?

There is a feeling of intensity this month because what happens during this month reflects the fundamental question that lies at the feet of . Will you choose love or will you choose fear? The to that question will be the to whether you survive as a species after the next several generations. It is as simple and as serious as that.

It has never been more important than it is this month that you choose love over fear in you do in your personal life and in your collective endeavors. One of the ways you can place a finger on the pulse of is through political elections and uprisings, and elections occur in the US in November. Governments are either resisting the evolution of humanity, or adjusting to the fact that individual people are becoming more and more empowered. Individual people across the world are feeling less willing to be oppressed or manipulated by large institutions. This includes governments as well as corporations and other large organizations. As individuals become more empowered, institutions must respond by becoming less oppressive.

While this collective dynamic is building across the world, and being played out differently in different parts of the world — the answer to how the changes will unfold this month and in the year to come is not even close to being available yet, for you have not yet made all your choices. Part of this process of empowerment includes anger that arises as you realize you have been part of an oppressive system. It is useful for you to be angry, but be certain that you do not get lost in your anger. When anger is held too long, you can build upon your fear and lose track of your love. You will see this playing out in elections in the this month, and in many other ways across the world.

Ultimately, the only way humanity will come out of the tangle of fear is if more of you choose love in every moment. This can feel small when you are doing it in your everyday life, but it makes an enormous difference in the ongoing evolution. If you imagine one of those satellite images of earth at night where you can see the city lights of urban areas across the planet, you can imagine yourself as one little speck of either light or darkness. Looking down on Planet Earth right now, you are either creating light or you are creating darkness. We are talking now about the Light of Spirit and the Light of Love – the fundamental creative force of the universe. Make sure that you do everything you can to beam a speck of light. If you are not actively choosing love and compassion, then you are contributing to the problems in this world and you are creating a dark speck in the spectrum of humanity.

We are giving this to you in very simple terms because it is time now to think about it in these simple terms. You can no longer afford to rationalize hurtful thoughts and behavior by pretending that they are done in love. If you are being hurtful to yourself or others, you are
no longer holding Light. It has always been true that every action, every thought and every word you speak is either based in love or based in fear. It is impossible for something to be based in both at the same time. You might feel a mix of emotions that include a little bit of both, but fundamentally, every action or thought you choose is either chosen because of the love you feel, or chosen because of the fear you feel. This month let that idea be your guide and do everything you can to choose love in the small ways. Like choosing to sleep a little longer when you do not feel good in order to love your body. Or in big ways, like choosing to embrace your neighbor who has been hateful or hurtful.

How can we find the greatest benefit to this energy this month? The best way to find the greatest benefit this month is to make a very good friend of yourself. What we mean by that is you are going to see people around you getting tighter and tighter this month. You are going to see evidence that people are falling under the spell of their own fear. If you are looking for connection, if you are looking for reassurance, if you are looking for validation from others — it is possible you will not get it. Yet, you are being called to choose Love in every moment, even if the people around you are getting lost in their fear. You will need to turn to your inner Light.

This month, find a way to be a very good friend to yourself. Make in your daily routine to check in with your own thoughts and feelings. Make in your daily routine to listen to what you need or you listen to what is hard for you. Give yourself to feel and compassion. Also, make in your daily routine or implement structures in your life that continually remind you of Love. Is there an image that reminds you of Love? Place it up on your computer screen or hang it in your car. Is there music that generates more Love? Be sure to play that instead of anything hateful or hurtful.

This month you may need to avoid the news. If it generates more fear inside you, turn it off. Do everything you can do to stay in touch with your best self, to keep that little spark inside of you and that inner voice alive and awake this month. Be sure that you are journaling, be sure that you are spending time in nature, be sure that you have a meditation practice of some kind and be sure that you are being very nurturing and kind to your body. Be a good friend to yourself in order to maintain that sense of spiritual center as everything intensifies around you.

Is there anything for us to watch out for or avoid this month?

In addition, avoid trying to convince people of your point of view. Avoid trying to make people be more loving. This month, the best way you can have a positive effect on others is to be a role model. So instead of arguing or telling someone they should be more loving, simply be as loving as possible yourself and allow that person to notice how much they might have fallen away from their own love.

People are going to be touchy this month. Anything you do to change people is going to backfire. Instead, be a role model; do the best with your part and trust that people really will find their way back to their love. Some will find it quickly and others might take months or years. Be patient — there is nothing you can do to change that for right now. Avoid trying to convince people, avoid trying to change people. Simply be the change you wish to see in the world yourself.