29 2011

A Romance

Your is calling you to a cosmic romance,
a spiraling dance of longing
to know the
of the love that you are inside.

The and color and movement
of your own seeking
is creating a trail of light
from the flight
of your spiraling spirit
guiding you to awaken to depths
of love still unknown to you.

Love is reaching
to come into being,
to create
through all that you are,
for the wonder and
of the universe
is a mirror of the Source
of beauty from which
we all have come.

to your own belovedness
and fall into love.
Feel the mystical seduction
of the soul
inviting you to discover
the friend
within your heart
that has been seeking
and searching for you since
the dawning of creation.

Run into the arms
of the enchanting embrace
of pure love,
feel the breath of beholding
awakening every cell
Let the glowing essence
of the light of spirit guide you
on a journey
into the beauty
only the eyes of the beloved
within you can see.

Create a garden of glory
woven from the cosmic sanctuary
of all dreaming.

Drink from the well
of the spring of inner joy
flowing and expanding to express
and create
something new and alive
that could only happen through you
and all that you are becoming.

The beloved is you,
wonderfully made to share
in fashioning
a new existence,
a world of many gardens,
a cosmic family
of compassion and caring
that welcomes us all.