AA Uriel – Preparation for 11-11-11

7 November 2011

: Light of Luna

My brothers and sisters, it is with great joy and love and anticipation that we greet you today. We would like to speak to you about the upcoming time that you might know as 11-11-11. For many of you, this is the most auspicious time you have had in your lifetimes. It is an opening, it is an opportunity for all of you to transform yourself into that which you are and which you came here to be. It is so far, the highest octave of what some of you might call gateways, doorways, whatever the term you use, it is an opportunity for each and every one of you to transform yourself, to get rid of the burdens that you do not need, to lay them down, to give them up and to recognize what is inside each and every one of you; that of divinity that you all hold. It is an opportunity to illuminate that, and by doing so it will transform your life, in many ways. For some of you it will be simply the realization that you do hold this of divinity within you. And all the stories, and all of the things people have been telling you your entire life you will know them to be untrue. You are not unworthy, you are not stupid, you are not worthless, you are not any of those things and you have never been. You all are and you all carry that flame within you and you have the ability to do anything you choose and this is an opportunity to realize that. It is the best opportunity you have ever been given and there is a few weeks before this with which you can prepare and you can contemplate and you can transform your life, literally, for if you are able to realize that spark, and lay down your burdens and release all which no longer serves you, no matter what this is, it is literally the opportunity of a lifetime. And by doing so, this will enable you to free up , not just physical , but free up emotional , as well, and by doing so you will be able to increase your Light quotient and raise your vibration and you will be able to do anything you choose.

This opening, this date, this 11-11-11 as you call it, will bring forth higher levels of Light and so that all of you can raise up to this higher new level and by doing so you literally change the vibration of the earth for she will be also raising her vibration in accordance with these energies and transforming herself as she has been doing and will continue to do. So we urge you to take this opportunity for the next few weeks and look at your life, spend some time in contemplation if you do not do so already. Where in your life do you need to make changes, where in your self do you need to make changes? As a clue and as a suggestion, we would urge you to look at those parts of your life that we feel are not working properly, that you have with, for those are the very areas you need to address or you need to release. And then spend some time contemplating and imagining what is the life you would like to live, what would be your perfect life, what are things you have always wanted to do but never had the time, the inclination or never believed that you could, for this is the time, you are being given an opportunity you have never been given before.

This is the time to make those dreams come true, to create the life you want to live and lay down the foundation and it all begins with realizing that spark of divinity within yourself. And all you can do is work on this for yourself, you cannot work on this for another individual, but by changing yourself you literally can change the world for if enough of you do this and are successful, your world will change. For all your world is is a combination of all of your thoughts, words and deeds in physical form. And for this to change, you need to change yourself and most importantly you need to change the way you look at yourself, the way you perceive yourself, for none of you are less than, you all are perfect and divine and it is time you started to realize this. So we urge you to take this opportunity that is being given to you, it is the greatest gift that has ever been given and to use it and we believe that by the time the New Year turns on your calendar, many of you will see significant changes or at least the beginnings, the seeds will have been planted and you will see the spurts of growth that are occurring, the new growth, for your new life, your more perfect life. But do not take this as, that a perfect life entails no difficulty, for it does, however, none of you are ever given more than you can handle, none of you ever create for yourself a situation that you truly cannot handle. So we urge you to begin, to take some time to contemplate that which we have said for it is the way it is and this is a time that is a great gift to all of you. With that we will leave you and know that we are always right next to you all of the time. You need just call out our name and we will be there to help you or reach out your hand. We thank you.

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  1. The light is in us all and we need to believe and ignite this. Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL post. Namaste my brother.

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