By Adama thru Johan
Nov 14, 2011 – 6:25:16 AM

After a weekend full of gathering Knowledge through different channels, electonically and spiritually, I felt the need to lay down or redraw myself for a while, but quickly found out it was Adama asking me to take a message. I must say this again feels so warm and lovely, as I had that same pleasure and honour once before, that I gladly made all time available as necessary, what clearly lead to a somewhat longer message this time:
I AM Adama, of Telos.
Johan: Long time no see, you might think?

Adama: As more folks came forward with so called ' Adama messages ', it was better to continue our work instead of waisting time extinguishing fires who had no foundation in truth whatsoever. It was through your AH Eve that I tried to set the record straight, but the ' other side ' pays too well in Earthly money to stop that carousel of lies and deception; the same hijacking of propper and valid teachings as you know, for a few dollars more …
As I will continue with a follow up through Eve and our Lemurian Mission in the coming days, I wanted to reach my surface Brothers and Sisters today. I choose therefore this scribe instead, Zadun my Brother from the golden days, to convey some thoughts that might strenghten your mind and heart in the first place.

For days on end, he has occupied his mind with knowledge of all kinds and gained some insights but his wondering mind reached the point of asking how best this could be the bridge between theory in Spirit and reality in the near future after the dust of the obvious collapse of this entire worldly society has settled. Even bridging the gap with other future places and new homes for many.
Here is where I found a most fertile ground to connect through his wondering mind and come forward to testify of what we see and know in the , Agartha cities that can be of interest to you all.
Its clear that the crystal core, the Inner Sun, has received alot of Higher Vibrational or Frequency Energy over the last couple of months. That causes the core to expand and also results in the higher temperature inside and shifting weather patterns amongst other consequences, that we all clearly observe.
Due to the regular meditations and requests from this scribe to Unite our efforts, we have also stayed very well abreast of the Celestial help and efforts towards . We are in constant communication and cooperation with them. Through interaction with and his crew, we know that a critical point has been reached. does not have the strength on her own, but a couple of days of delicate anchoring and recalibration has secured the control by our Celestial Brothers and Sisters. Many starseeds have entered the arena as well, as they finally woke up and discovered their roles.
A lot of us from the underground cities have accepted to step forward as directed and instructed, when the time is right, and today is as good as any day, to inform you : its all hands on deck and some of you who decided to stay with Gaia will meet us at one stage of her ascension or the other.
The pieces of the puzzle are in place. As bold new games and plans are brought forward by those who will not be welcome to stay during the in the New Screen play of Gaia, carefully produced and directed by our Chief of the Forces of the Light in Nebadon, Christ Michael, SOME SPECIAL EFFECTS might bring some mighty fear to some, OR some mighty JOY to others. All depending on the side of the fence you have chosen to be. The fence was the status quo, but exists no more. On a planet fully on its long way to the Light and Life, fences of separation are no longer tolerated, hence each soul had to choose. Some remembered that choice from before they arrived here, other had to make up their mind on the spot, others changed as all are at liberty to do just that. The power games and down right deceptions of some clearly do not fit in that new screen play any long.
Since we have some extra time, let me throw in a comparison here. A chessboard has always worked with two sides opposing each other but with equal floorplan for everybody in the game. The free and unchallenged choice of white or black has blinded many players during many battles for the fact that at the end of the day only one colour can be the victor. Having come at the end of that day, no new battles will be allowed, it will be the end of the entire war; GAME OVER. LOVE will be the first word of the new chapter in the new book of Gaia. Upon that first Divine WORD, LOVE, all the rest will be based.
The SPECIAL EFFECTS I talked about can only be handled by specialists who are not working on their first scripts or try-outs but count on a long list of life time experiences and extremely careful preparations. From our side, we can testify to that. That is where the dark overlords and their many minions are badly mistaken. They never encountered any serious opposition, unless visible amongst their own ranks. They in a drunken trance of victory and discarded the many warnings, even ignore the POSSIBILITY of SPECIAL EFFECTS that will cause an explosion of LIGHT, disclosing their acts of darkness. Even those only a little in the knowing, can see that end of that road.
I realize that living in a world where ' time is money ', how far away that may be from Truth and Reality in spiritual terms, ' WHEN ' is one of the most popular questions. It is with this knowledge in mind that I decided to address you TODAY to make sure our Surface Brothers and Sisters who have opened their hearts and have sought to KNOW instead of believe, KNOW that big changes are not even on the horizon anymore, but are all around you already. It surely took its Earthly extra time, but let me as High Priest of Telos assure you, Divine Plans like this one from our Sovereign Christ Michael do not allow anything less then perfection and you already know Earthly time has no comparison with Heavenly Cycles that are run by precision, and not by dates.
The good news is that you don't have to wait much longer anymore to experience those big changes what you have worked towards and hoped for. The less good news is that if you did not use that extra Earthly time to prepare and you continued your ' business as usual ' , the SPECIAL EFFECTS coming will frighten your little hearts. If its any relief, fortunately you know not your physical heart by your spiritual soul will live on, no matter what or where.
My Beloved Surface Brothers and Sisters, remain vigilant and Connected at all time as the new screen play or movie of Mother Earth, called Gaia in Light and Live has started already. You are the actors starting your lead roles when all comes crashing down and only careful preparations and the content of your hearts will determine if you will make ACT TWO or not. A heavy heart might be the end of your role here. A feather light heart will sail you through the Divine Plan. And we will come forward to help you when you progressed and made it through. Your Inner Earth Agartha Brothers and Sisters also long for this new scenario to move on to the benefit and Highest Purpose of ALL involved, one side or the other.
Salu Zadun, untill we meet,
By heart,
Adama, High Priest of Telos.