20 November 2011

Channeler: 's Daughter of

The ability to fully embrace yourself as you are, to love yourself as you are and to enjoy being surrounded by your own is so much more powerful and transformational than you can imagine.

Your innate power for is phenomenal. Do you have any idea just how many people you have impacted throughout your life?

While some of these encounters were not always "positive", they still may have triggered valuable change through your actions. Yes, even your less desirable behaviours may have helped someone… And that someone may be yourself.

You see, sometimes you need someone else to show to show you the unacceptable, the crude, the harsh, the impolite to help you see who you are, what you stand for, the values you want to embody, what you want in life, how you want to be treated, how to behave… Or you needed your own wake-up call. Instead of despising yourself for that not-so-great thing you just did, you vow to yourself that this is the last time you behaved this way. Feeling the sting of your own actions can help you become the you have always been once all the illusions are removed.

In other words, sometimes you need to step back in horror when you look in the mirror.

We have said this many times before, you are a powerful agent for change.

The thing is, most of the time, your compassionate or caring actions have more of a snowball effect than an impressive big bang of change.

For instance, you may smile at a stranger on the bug and give him or her a heartfelt compliment, a simple nicety that almost seems trivial.

And that transmission of higher vibration energy can lift that person's mood, and the true positive effects are revealed once that persons steps off the bus and arrives home. Thanks to your mere presence, that person then reacts with more compassion and kindness to a situation at home with their spouse or children, which changes the course of the evening, and perhaps some bigger event down the line.

For you see, most often than not, you do not get to witness the good/positivity you trigger.

Every encounter you have does have an effect. Mind you, not all of them are life-changing if you will, but all of them matter.

And even if others do not react favourably to your light or kindness, do your best to avoid the judgment trap or to lower your vibrations because you feel hurt by their lack of reactions or even their lack of acknowledgement.

Sometimes others have blocking mechanism they may or may not be aware of. Sometimes the effects are delayed – simply because it takes a while for some people to notice a change in energy. It is a question of "sensitivity" if you will.

Your "job" is simply to send your light, your love, your healing, your compassion when you feel inspired to do so, and to give that part of you which is infinite without expectations. It is a very selfless act that can be quite challenging to do at first.

When you do what feels right, what comes naturally for you from the heart, the worst thing than can happen is, well… nothing

Well, for others that is. High may be sent to anybody, and the recipient will accept or reject it subconsciously. If they do not wish to be helped or healed – for whatever reason – it will just go around them like the wind. Their human may be totally unaware of the light being sent their way, but their higher is always at work. And it is not that your healing or love was insufficient, it is just that it was not the right time for them. They have their journey to follow, remember that.

Still, whenever you tend to your own light by sending out love, listen to your higher self/intuition, you as a spirit grow, get stronger, more confident, brighter. more clear.

You may get thanked very seldom for the light or healing you sent out. That does not mean you are not being rewarded for your good actions.

Your good deeds happened, even if you are the only one who knows what you did.

Everything you do does return, but not necessarily the way you think/you've been told it does.

Being the best that you can be, no matter how it fits in your society's standards of "normality" or "compliance" is the most powerful thing you can do to change the world… in silence and peace.

Let go of the need to be rewarded or acknowledged for everything (good) that you do. That is just an ill side-effect of that instant gratification society of yours.

The true reward is inside you – your light being revealed and strengthened by your own courage and your willingness to shine… Even if those around you are not used to this type of glow/warmth.

The big reward is being able to stand out and stand up with pride, for having the courage that many of the people around you trapped by the shackles of society wished they had. You make it possible for others to accomplish the impossible.

All you need is you to change the world, one act of light and love at at time…

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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