31 October 2011


Dear Souls on the !

I come to bring you today a general Message for all Humanity. Some of you, are dedicated to the Light, spreading it, talking and teaching about it, BEING it. Some others, as you know, chose differently.

All that comes from the FREE WILL you have. Whoever you become in the Journey of Time and Space and BEYOND, is a Decision or actually, the Result of many Decisions which shape your Being.

Physical Life was created to be some kind of School. Don't you go to Schools to learn to become independent and get training to help you become good at a future profession, so you can become an independent adult?

This is how you could look at physical Life. It is a phase. A pre-phase.

Some of you focus too much on the Flesh at times and live and act as if THIS, that you got right now, the physical Body/Vehicle, is all you ARE. I come to all of you today to explain, that this thought can in some cases be very dangerous, if you commit deeply, deeply hurtful actions, based on the thought you ARE THE BODY AND Life is limited, not eternal, and there is no Punishment.

The eternal part of your Being, the SOURCE where the free Will is even found, is not in a physical Brain, but obviously in the Soul. The spiritual Part of your Being is not made out of Flesh, but out of Light. That Light, just similar to how you know it from Earth, can be dimmed, turned UP and also turned off completely.

I have observed some earthly spiritual Teachers spreading Messages that contain part Truth and part Lie. Not that all of them do it on purpose, no. But if you don't see the Message absolutely clear, please do not tell others something you are unsure of or try to manipulate even God's Truth for whatever reasons.

I clarify now: There is no such thing as EVERYONE going to the same Place, EVERYONE being the Same, or EVERYONE ascending and so forth. How could this possibility even come about, if there is INDIVIDUAL FREE WILL? At no point did God nor us, his Archangels, ever mention that God will take away free Will again. Right?

So, my Message today is urgently important, for I cannot help you, if you don't DECIDE to RECEIVE any Help or Love or Light.

Free Will is a neutral Tool, and can be a Blessing or a Curse, depending on YOU. You have all the Power you need, you can shape your own Future, your eternal Being, which is the wonderful Aspect of free Will, giving you the Opportunity to fully and completely be whoever you want to be in eternal Being, and for this, you go through Incarnations, experiencing, shaping, learning, being examined, passing exams, celebratin, growing…

The next Life form is created in a way, where it would be impossible for any of you to EXIST in these higher Spheres, without passing the "first Test" so to speak. Please try to live as much as you possibly can, with this in mind, a clean Life, open minded, with an open Heart giving Love (for all this Love you give comes back to you after!), making the best out of yourself that you can.

No matter what some, who are complicating things by lies and deception migh try, say or do, keep your Focus on yourself and your own inner Power and Love. There could be incidents coming, where seemingly "all Hell breaks lose"- but this is just another Illusion, coming to the surface to be healed and dissolve.

As , I have done my Job and removed the Anchor of the Dark Side of Duality from Manifestation, this process will be completed by 2012, meaning, the new Balance is one of Light and more Light, and no Darkness anymore. When I say this, I am talking here about the spiritual Plane, the Spheres in between (beginning from the 4th Dimension). That literally means, that let's say, if someone claims to be "on the dark side, worships the dark side or pulls from it in any way"- will no longer have that back-up source behind him/her anymore. From now on, whatever you do, is your personal and only your own Responsibility and you will carry the Consequence of your Thought, Action and Feelings. There is no excuse fort hurting any other Soul and never has been. There is no free-Card to anyone who does hurt another, may it be someone on the Earth Plane, or beyond. Clearly, we see all you do, think or feel. Please, do not turn off the Light of your Soul like this, I will not be able to help you, for I work within the Rules of the Universe and Creation in it's Entirity. Whatever you do onto another, you really do onto yourself, don't be fooled by the illusion of the manifested, physical and temporary World.

I will explain to you more about the "Anchor of Darkness" in a next Message, when the Healing is almost complete and you are able to sense clearly the Healing.

Focus on Light, and think of Darkness as a past Memory, fading and fading until from behind that dark Cloud appears the Face of Love and remains always and forever with you in Celebration.

I A.M. Archangel Michael and I am here whenever you have Questions, Confusion or another interfering in those intense Times with your Energy/Aura- don't hesitate to call me anytime, any place, and I will gladly be there to assist you. No matter how the physical World might look at you or think of you, WE look at you only through the Eyes of Love, for WE ARE LOVE.

This Text can be distributed with Credit to Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael for the channeled Work.