20 November 2011


Monday, 15 August, 2011 (posted 18 November, 2011)

What you set your intention for becomes what receives your attention. When you are energetically and emotionally aligned occurs within the parameters of your intention. But when you are not aligned with your intention, because your thoughts and beliefs have not yet been integrated to allow yourself to be at the of what you wish to manifest, there is no flow and the process is frustrating and disappointing. This is because your attention is displacing from your intention.

The power of intention is how you allow your divinity to be expressed through your humanity in ways that affirm your worth and confirm your ability to create your reality as you wish it to be. It is through intention, conscious or unconscious, that you create your reality and the family of humanity creates its experience of the world. Unconscious intention is how you draw karmic experiences and the situations that reveal your soul wounds into being. Conscious intention allows you to find the healing and purpose in your lessons because while you allow the healing to occur you also see each situation in its highest aspects, which includes the potential for joy.

Attention is the focus of the mind, which is grounded in time and space. Time includes the past, present and future, space is the reality the mind is aware of, which is either grounded in fear or in unconditional love. There is no 'real' reality because it is all an illusion but to the mind, whatever its attention is drawn to is what it grounds itself into. The mind's attention moves from pain and fear to joy and love and it aligns itself with the point of greatest pain and fear. This becomes your attention and no matter what you intend, the fear must be released before the mind can accept a different energetic aspect of a potential reality.

Attention and intention must be balanced to allow manifestation to flow. Attention comes from the mind, intention from spirit and you can know whether there is alignment by what you pay attention to. What is your mind focused on, where is your fear and where do you feel the energy is not flowing? That is where your energy is not aligned with your intention and once this is addressed your intention can flow again with your creation and manifestation will occur with the grace and ease that happens when you are aligned in body, mind, emotions and spirit, expressing your mastery through your humanity, connected with Spirit and remembering that your divine birthright is to have a life of joy, peace, love and unlimited abundance of whatever your heart desires

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