28 November 2011




Greetings My Beloved Ones,

I greet you in Love and Light.

This is with a message from The Divine Light.

Today I wish to speak to you about The Light. Beloveds, there are many emanations coming from The Light. They surround you in circles, in colors, in levels, and in dimensions. They surround you so that no matter where you are, you are encompassed by The Light on all sides, above and below. This allows you to move freely according to the task on which you are working and also according to your vibration for that particular .

Moving from level to level is not a jerky . It is a very smooth movement in which you flow from level to level or dimension to dimension. This is a great misunderstanding on the part of humanity that you will make a sudden leap from one point to another. For some this may be the case. However, for many you will float or move gradually from level to level. This is much less disruptive to the than having a harsh or sudden change in the environment to which you are subjected. We wish to keep your intact, for when you have very rapid movements or sudden shocks to the , it can cause disruptions in the flow of your energy. This is not helpful in your . Rather, it is much more helpful for you to flow in a natural state of . You may have a pause at a level; however, what appears as a pause to you is actually motion continuing through either a side-to-side movement or an up-and-down movement.

We are constantly making tweaks and adjustments to your energy field as you in the realms. These may come forth in the form of an idea or a nudge or a feeling that it is time for you to change a certain practice or to begin a certain practice. In doing this, you are incorporating more and more of The Light. The Light will begin to increase in intensity as your human instrument is adjusted to The Light that is coming forth. The Light radiates down from our Father / Mother God to you in stepped-down form so that it is just the right amount of intensity for you at a given time. Therefore, you can absorb the particular colors of The Light that you need at that moment. As your and as you from day to day, you may absorb different amounts of The Light and varying proportions of the Rays / colors emanating from The Light. This is often an unconscious process, for we are working behind the scenes to help you as you continue on your path. This is a bit abstract for most humans to comprehend. However, there are several practical things you on the earth plane can do to assist in your of moving forward in The Light.

First, remain positive, for you when you remain positive, you are able to absorb more Light than when you are responding in a negative way. When you have a thought that you perceive to be less than positive, quickly shift your focus to that which is positive. You may wish to begin your day by focusing on what is positive and set that to be your intent for the day. This will help to smooth an energy path and a channel in which The Light can flow down to you, and The Light will meet you. In this way, The Light will join with your Light, and you can flow forward and upward on your path. The more you focus on this positive path, the more energy your Being can absorb. It will strengthen your entire system so that we can send down more Light and work with you in a closer manner.

This is a great and vast topic, and there are many Rays of Light beyond the twelve Rays of Light with which you have been acquainted. There are many levels of Light within each dimension. Know that you will have an ever-expanding opportunity to grow within the Light.

We wish to impress on you that a daily practice of remaining positive is important, as is your meditation time. When you do this on a daily basis, it will help you to increase your progress so that there will not be the start-and-stop actions that occur in so many cases. It is much harder for us to help you adjust your energy when there is the start-and-stop process. It is much easier for us to keep your energy flowing when you work on your daily moving forward in a constant manner. It is similar to starting a car. It requires more energy to get the car started. However, when you get the car up to speed, it is much easier to keep it flowing at a constant pace. The same is true for you and your own energy field.

We wish you to know that the Violet Light is coming down to transmute any negativities that you would like to release. This is a constant process, and you may call on it at any time to assist in releasing what is bothering you at the moment or to cleanse and release anything that you have on a subconscious level of which you are not readily aware. By doing this, you are allowing us to work with you so that you may clear out those things before they come into your conscious awareness and manifestation. This allows for a much smoother and more rapid ascension into the higher realms and higher dimensions.

There are many on each level who are waiting to assist you. There are angelic and Higher Beings at each level and in each dimension. They are there to help you to the next level, just as we who come to you regularly are there all along the way.

Know, Beloveds, that we greatly rejoice in your process and your progress. Know that you are greatly loved in The Light.

I AM Archangel Zadkiel
…and I surround you with The Light.

All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson, .
You may copy freely and share. Please copy the message in its entirety, and give credit to Archangel Zadkiel as transmitted through Linda M. Robinson/PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

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