Ascension: Escape, what, to where and why?

11 November 2011

Channeler: Jamie Karl (AKA DraEL)

Hello there HuMa!

This week, I will speak more intimately. No pictures or music or fonts. I often find myself in the precarious position of not knowing when to shut up. This is probably one of those times!

Why are we "going" to the "forth/fifth dimension" again?
What exactly is that?
Why are we doing this?

I am reminded immediately of an earthly phenomena.

It is when the person goes on a great journey "to find themselves", and for some they feel the to ritualise this process by actually physically moving. They go here, travel there. In a more real sense they are "losing" themselves, rather than "finding".

As they move from place to place, they find there problems go with them, take other forms. If they are smart, the problems may dimish with personal . Regardless, the actual journey takes second place, to their actual mindstate.

Similarly, the lens, or window through which we view the world is the . Places and identities, our window, changes not from the outside, but from the inside.

Lets not pretend that some external event will occur, which will liberate us from the effort of coming to a sense of peace with all in the cosmos. This is a continual and unending process, and an "internal" as well as "external" one.

So, you might say, what is "ascension", if not a physical or dimensional shift, an event?

It is the opening of your heart locus, your chakra – breath through this point, to sense not only the fifth dimensional from the third, but for every being to sense ever dimension from their native mind/heart, and to sense every other mind/heart – but only through their own ability to see it, not from any "external source". It is the opening of eyes and hearts and ears to what is already present.

Instead of waiting for a time, I advise instead to open your heart to all new ideas, ways of thinking. Open your heart to forgiveness and understanding. Through this lens, your mind will reach out to connect with other "windows", through all dimensions. (and yes part of this is connected to "2012", on which I will explain further, but it is simultaneously internal and external, not merely some "timespace event")

This is all eloquently summed up in the phrase "we are the ones we have been waiting for", amongst many other jewels. Look not merely to dates, like 11/11/11, or times for signs – look to your world, she is constantly speaking in symbols and signs. You need not wait. Look to your heart, she is speaking too. If you listen just right, to the universe _AS IT IS, with _open_ heart, all dimensions will lay open before you!

I await your reflections,

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