Jennifer Hoffman a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 22 August, 2011  (posted 29 November, 2011)  

A message to be your may be quite obvious. Of course you are your , what else can you be? But there are many aspects to your and you can be or become any of them that you choose. In your lifetime you will embody many different aspects of your , some of which you like, others which you do not like at all. The is embodied in the physical body, and is no more than an of a . So as your so does the aspect of the self that can be expressed through you.

The aspect you choose becomes your self expression, which is how you express energy in physical . Energy without is potential without purpose but energy always seeks through expression. So while you may wish to express only the highest aspects of your self, those that require healing and into higher vibrations, which is the purpose of your life journey, are those that will be the first to seek and this will be irresistible. With others this is expressed as a soulmate relationship; within yourself it is often the choices that you are compelled to make even though you later wonder why you chose that path.

The self that seeks expression is the aspect that seeks healing. Once that is completed another aspect of the self is available, at a different level of vibration, if the past is cleared and forgiven. As long as regret is present, that self aspect is still active and its vibrational level is the strongest (even though it is not the highest) and will move attract healing. With conscious intention you can choose the self you live through. Do you want to live in joy, know success and abundance and feel powerful? That is one aspect of the self that is possible. Others can include challenges, lack, and powerlessness.

Which self do you choose to be? You can choose any and all choices are right for you as they are chosen. The aspect you choose is the one that matches your level of energetic vibration in each moment. You can be the highest or lowest of your self aspects or any in between. You can choose power or powerlessness, connection or disconnection, love or fear and all choices are right and have a purpose in your life path. Eventually all will choose their highest self aspects because as healing, learning, growth and transformation are completed, all other aspects of the self will surrender to unconditional love and this will be heaven on earth.

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