7 November 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

The leads a rather uneventful life. Yes, there is work, cooking, cleaning, hobbies, connecting with nature, channeling, hanging out with friends and family and so on.

Still, for the most part, you could say there is not much external glitz nor glamour in her life… It does not look like much is happening in her daily existence. And that is how she likes it.

From the outside looking in, if you will, it does not exactly appear to be the most exciting life. Just by looking at it, most would say/think that her existence is, well, as boring as it can get.

Yes, in many ways is it very quiet. Quiet is good you see. In quiet there is balance, peace, compassion, mindfulness. In the basics you realize that once the essential needs are covered, you do not need much to lead a very happy life. In the boring, there is time to pursue all your dreams and the things that truly matter to you.

The more tranquil and uneventful her life gets, the more fulfilling and phenomenal it becomes… And the more things get done.

Upon learning that she does not have cable (TV) and only gets one channel, an acquaintance asked her, horrified: "What do you do without television?" – "Well, I live," she replied with a smile.

You see, is what makes life "exciting" or exhilarating for many people. Or it is what they believe makes it so. And even if they know is "bad", they have trouble letting it go because life seems so boring, uninteresting without it.

It is a question of perspective.

You see, the Messenger finds drama utterly exhausting. The mere thought of it sucks the life right out of her, making her want to take a nap.

Still, she believes that all humans do get something out of it, but only for a little while – which will touch more upon in a little bit – however, as far as she is concerned, it is the biggest self-created diversion or procrastination disguised as "action".

She is human, mind you, and sometimes drama still leaks in. However, it tends to be quite minor, and when she realizes what it is, she rolls her eyes and says in her mind: "I thought I had told you to go away!". Her drama would not register as such in most people's radar screen.

She just has developed a very low tolerance for it, that is all.

We are just telling you this to remind you to always be to yourself. Especially when you "stray". Take it as a reminder that you are human – of hard to make a big deal out of it when you see it that way.

Some things are activating, speeding up in your life, in your world. To counteract these surges or increased activity, you have to even things out if you will to keep things in balance.

The crazier the world gets, the more you should strip things down to basics, the more "boring" you should give yourself permission to become. Otherwise you will simply feel more and more off centre and anxious as time progresses.

You can still be around other people's drama and let them stew in it.

Be at a safe distance from the fire instead of being in the pot sitting right in the flames with them if you will. Yes, they may get quite angry at you for a while, but they will be quite thankful you are there full of when they need a helping hand because they are so exhausted (after the drama has passed).

At one point in your life drama proved to be quite useful. Like an alarm clock it was the lightening bolt that woke you up when you needed it. But also like an alarm clock, you need to shut if off once you are up, otherwise the constant irritating "sound" of drama will just aggravate you. Energize you in a way, but the constant stress of the drama you are fully bathing in – although unaware of it – will just prevent you from doing the "real" stuff you came here to do.

Think of how much more time and energy you would have to devote to what truly matters to you if you stopped engaging in the drama you have control over (either that you created, or that was created by another, but you help maintain), or if you found a replacement for drama as "excitement in your life.

Of course, this is just a thought. Your life, your choices.

You can be a light for all, but some may find your light a little to harsh or bright. You see, they just woke up, or are the people who need a lot of time to rouse after they awake. Because of that they need someone/a light that is more gentle on their eyes if you will. That is OK.

Know that sometimes drama can get created when two different voltages meet if you will. For instance, if you try to help someone who is at a very different place than you (or the other way around), who may not understand or be ready for (or want) the type of help you would gladly provide.

Like putting a 100 Watt light bulb in a socket that only accepts 40 W. Yes, sparks will fly, but not the ones you are looking for.

How would you like it if anybody tried to "steer" you in your own journey? We know you want to help. But just because you can does not mean you should. Always offer, but only go ahead if the help is well received and the yes they utter matches the energy you sense coming from the person you are trying to help.

It can be challenging to stand in the sidelines when you know you can help.

Always think of your own journey.

How many offers and opportunities came to you as you were walking along? Did you accept all of them? Did you accept one or two that you were not quite prepared for, but you agreed because you knew that person meant well or was excellent at what he or she did? How did that go? And when you were in the right mindset, willing to change, what happened when the right teacher/healer/counselor came along?

Even the most challenging tasks are relatively easy when you are prepared. And going down to basics, removing all the extras, all the fluff and – yes – all the drama, then everything becomes much more simple, easier and sometimes "boring".

You see, being "right" does not feel that important anymore, for you see that what is right for you may not be right for your neighbour…

You also realize that you may very well be right – have the right solution/answer/remedy for someone else's problem or ailments, but the timing is not right for that person. If that person is not ready for it right now, all attempts will be futile, you will be wasting your time and theirs, and creating a lot of unnecessary drama.

The desire to spring into action is still quite present in many of you. Trust that your name will be called when the time is right.

In the meantime, learn to be comfortable to simply sit with any emotion, any situation without wanting to change or fix it, or make it go away. Having it with you as you go through your day. Yes, many times, a quick release is what is needed, but sometimes things need to stay with you for a while. The key is to know what needs to be done.

Things are quite active, and it may be more uncomfortable than before to tame that urge to fix… mostly other people and their issues. Yes, it is true, you may "know better", but that does not give you the right to rip the steering wheel out of other people's hands.

This may have been the way of the past, but it certainly will not be the way of the future.

When you have mastered this art of stillness/boredom for yourself, then you can easily transfer this skill, this state of being when you are with others. For sometimes, often, that is what they need. To learn to be at ease with oneself and everything it entails.

The best way to see this urge for doing for what it is – and urge to do, as opposed to be – is to be willing to be bored. We hope you understand what We mean by this.

What is important here is the willingness to do nothing. To let things be. To let others figure it out themselves instead of always wanting to step in. Like a bad itch that won't go away.

The world is changing in many ways. Remember that.

And it's not like the Messenger is bored that often. Actually, she is so used to this state of being that she finds it quite pleasant or entertaining. Mind you this particular message was a bit tricky to transmit, as she kept staring into space, bathing in this pure state of being, enjoying what We were showing her.

She used to do this all the time as a child. But unlearned it as time passed. Thankfully, she remembered this childhood "game", and it has helped her quite a bit.

The more you are able to feel comfortable in boredom or in passivity, the better the healer/worker you will become. You will be a more attentive listener, more present, more helpful to those who come to you. You will be able to resist the urge to fix the other, and simply guide the other so he or she finds the solution his or herself.

For while they are the only ones who can decide they want to heal, improve, "get fixed", they will need your skills to learn to sit with their own uncomfortable feelings. You see, as disruptive as drama is in many people's lives, it is often easier for them to handle than the actual stillness and peace they so desire…

So you see, boring is good.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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