8 November 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

It is more important than ever to be clear. Clear about who you are. What you stand for. What you came here to do. What your abilities, gifts, dreams, visions, lessons and challenges are.

It is also crucial to be energetically clear, to have a clear mind and be clear/free of outside influences – by regularly getting rid of that is not yours or unhealthy links/ties to others and by making sure your directions, path and choices are truly yours.

As things activate, it can be very easy to get swept by the collective current or to lose one's footing, fall out of balance; vulnerable to the suggestions – well-intended or otherwise – of other beings (living or in spirit), that may not necessarily be "bad" in themselves, but that are simply not in alignment with you or, in other words, take you to a place you did not need to go or that you had already gone before.

To do that, be clear at all levels, you always check to see if things resonate with you, if everything feels like you.

You may or may not be fully aware of it, but you have your own if you will, and everything about you vibrates to that frequency… Even your love for chocolate (smile).

When you are well acquainted with that signature – how what is you, belongs to you feels, it becomes very easy to weed out what belongs to someone else, or to a previous version of you in this current life or a previous one.

As for the energy part of , do what works for you. There are numerous techniques and ways of yourself of foreign imprints/energies/influences. The key , always, is to chose the one(s) that feel(s) right to you.

The way We view Oneness tends to be a bit different than what is perceived. You can be connected to all that is, be and feel One within your spiritual boundaries if you will. Be part of that soup, yet still visible as the unique ingredient that is you in that soup. To go into the subject more than this today would eclipse what We want to touch upon. We will bring the subject up when We see it is necessary.

You see, Oneness requires clarity.

The more clear you are about everything, with everything, then the easier all transitions become. You instantly know that something needs to change. For instance, the vision or inkling you had yesterday, last month or last year may no longer apply, may need to be revisited.

Clarity is like , with the added element of flexibility. You see, when you are (too) certain about anything, your vision may become blurry, but that tends to make you want to just keep pushing forward no matter what. In a way, it can blind you temporarily if you zero in on a specific inkling of while forgetting that there is a world around and within you. You see, everything is moving so fast that you need to check often to make sure that all the elements that made your direction/vision/goal right and true are still present.

Maybe you've been going right for too long (following that vision), and you need to take a left.

Things are changing. And they are changing so fast. And so are you. You are changing. Evolving. Discovering new things about yourself and about the world. Energy is changing. We (the Earth) are changing. Connections between humans amongst each and with all aspects of creation are constantly evolving.

So you always need to be checking in with yourself to make sure where you are heading is where you need to be. Maybe you need to stop for a while. Take a break. For yourself. Having clarity will give you a better sense of reality as it now is.

Being clear is like having both feet planted firmly on the ground. You are grounded, centered. You can withstand strong winds and storms because your roots are strong. Yet you are adaptable because these roots are transferable, always moving with you, never forcing you to stay anywhere that does not feel comfortable.

When all aspects of you are clear, you always know what to do, where you are, who you are. Even if it is dark, cramped and noisy where you are. When you are clear, even in the chaos you distinctly see the lifeline thrown in the water, you know how to get to it, if you need to use it yourself, if you should share it or bring it over to someone – who that someone is will be clear too…

When you are clear, it does not matter what anybody says about you. All that matters is the task at hand. The job you came here to do. When you are clear you know that "you" are both irrelevant and irreplaceable. When you are clear, you see the big Earthly picture as well as your own.

When you are clear, the entire planet can go to "hell", and you will still manage to thrive and help others do the same.

This is an incredible time to be alive in that shell of yours Earthlings. All of this is really about you as a species.

To be clear is to know.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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