Saturday, November 12, 2011

The universe, as one grand instrument, plays a melody to which sings. This harmonic vibratory force resonates throughout all physical . It is amplified and focused when there is a convergence of consciousness&;which occurs when more than one individual is in creative thought and harmony with the melody of the universe. With the convergence, is multiplied and the creative force emanating from that convergence is virtually limitless. When you are in alignment with others of like consciousness, you create a portal for dynamic change in the physical plane of existence. The degree to which the creative force is amplified is in direct proportion to its resonance with universal harmonics.

The “Ohm” is the tuning fork of the harmonics of the universal chorus that sings to the creator. Every —be it rock, tree, bird or you—sings a , and you will know if you are keeping beat and harmony with creation singing around you. In the silence of your soul, the sings and you can hear yourself as a unique voice in the chorus of All That Is.

Convergence in consciousness creates. in consciousness is a divine of the creator; for, the creator sings to its creation—as should you.