Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The dance of life the pinnacle of the dance of creation. It merits this honor because life expressed when the laws of creation are internally responded to and expressed. All things in your are ruled by the laws of , be it that water must freeze at zero-degree centigrade or becomes molten lava at high temperatures. All of creation abides by the laws of the creative consciousness; yet, these are externally imposed attributes upon the water and the stone.

Life, as you define it, is the internalization of the creative consciousness into that which is . Creation actively shares in consciousness, be it the of a species, the sprouting of a tender from the or the birth of a newborn babe. Life, the dance of life, is a refined expression of the creative dance of the universe. Within its melody is contained the possibility and the potential of growth and . Humanity is the pinnacle of that dance; for, it is -aware and capable of comprehending the creative consciousness within itself and the universe.