Ooooh its so beautiful outside! The sky is so blue and the color of the leaves against ithe sky is so electric and full of life. The animals are so lively and everything smells so good. Life is grand……….WTF IS HAPPENING TO ME……..HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Feel familiar? Everything is sailing along smoothly, life is wonderful, you are content, and then all of a sudden it all falls apart and you are in some disjointed dream and you don’t know which end is up……………then it all balances out and life is grand again.

Well please get used to it. The next few days and weeks are a roller coaster ride beyond your imagination. And you can experience this as life is grand without the WTF IS HAPPENING!!!! part. If you are reading this, then you are already awake. Because you are awake, you can choose to be conscious of all the energetic changes around you and take action to remain balanced. Literally ground yourself to the earth when necessary. Hug a tree if you are able. By all means, meditate. And remember to breath. If you remember to stay conscious and follow your heart, this ride will be really fun!

You say you don’t have time to do all that? The reality is you don’t have time not to do all that! You have been thrown into the pool and its deep. There is nothing more important than focusing on floating and moving through the water!

And stop fretting about the people around you who are not (at least in your opinion) Awake. Everyone is going to end up in the pool. You don’t have to be the one to push them in. When they hit the water they will wake up. It may be a shock, but they will have you to remind them to float and move through the water with ease and grace.