February 18, 2011

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you today on the matter of “dates, gates, and mates,&; and you may distribute what we say publicly. It was not our intention to put out any more information for public use because it was our perception that each person’s path and the details of their path were so individual that we did not feel there was anything we could say that would be broadly applicable enough to be valid for most of the people reading it. However, given the present focus on various dates, various predictions for different “endings&; to this grand cycle, and the confusion that has occurred in terms of the various components being created by each Oversoul, we felt an update and clarification was needed, in order to set things straight according to our perceptions of what is important to those who are part of Operation Terra, in its broadest sense.

First, on the matter of “dates.” As you can see, today is the date in your Gregorian calendar that was originally used by both Carl Johann Calleman and Ian Lungold in identifying the beginning of the last level in their interpretation of the Mayan Long Count. Actually this date is just another day, like every day that occurs now as we approach the end of an even longer “count” – the one that began billions of years ago, when 144,000 of the elohim came together and precipitated this sector of reality out of their beingness. They also made an agreement at that time that they would oversee and participate in their creation until it was time to hand over its stewardship to a new group of elohim, which would take over from there.

Time is growing short

You are nearly at the end of this Creation cycle of billions of years and there are still many tasks left to accomplish before it can complete all that was written to occur. There have been some effects along the way that have ameliorated some of those tasks so that they wouldn’t have to be as drastic in their impact as they would have otherwise been, but overall, the task list is the same, and time – as you it and count it – is running out to accomplish all that must be completed as part of this ending and the new beginning. Your teams are working around the clock to assure that you are all ready for what must now come. It will come with breathtaking speed and because of the speed with which things must occur in order to be complete by the time you reach that immovable threshold that we have spoken about, there will be no opportunity to recover from each impact by the time the next one occurs.

It was not originally envisioned to occur this way, but many things were put on hold that were expected to take place over a longer period of time and allow for a more gradual process. They were put on hold by both sides of the polarity game, in order to “buy time” in which to carry out their respective agendas and aspirations in terms of the goal that was sought by each side, which was to maximize the number of people who would be “harvested” for their polarity. However, it seems that, in Its desire to experience possible, the balanced things out such that neither polarity had dominance over the other, and the numbers are what they are because of that. There will not be a large harvest for either polarity, and those who “go up” onto their respective worlds are essentially the ones who “came down” from them in order to participate in these times. The preparations have been taking place for centuries and neither side has been able to tip the balance either way.

In spite of the apparent success that the negative polarity seems to have achieved in establishing their ways in the present version of 3D Earth, there have been some stubborn stalwarts who have refused to give up their central way of being and give in to the pressures to conform to the ways of the consensus reality. Unfortunately, their numbers are small, but they have been enough to maintain the tension needed to keep the balance “in balance” and so not much has been accomplished by either side in terms of increasing their harvest and the numbers for the harvest will be small for both sides. When we saw that this would be the case back in 1997, we accepted it and made other plans to attempt to seed our perspective in ways that would benefit future generations of 3D incarnations and keep the door to Terra open to them as a “gate” that they, too, might pass through and make their way to Terra after more time in 3D.


At this time, there are essentially 12 “gates” open as exit paths. One of those leads to Terra, and one of those leads to its negative polarity opposite planet, which shall remain unnamed. That leaves 10 others, some of which have been documented by other researchers and authors, and a few of which have not (which means that they are not generally being seen as a “future” at this time and will come as a bit of a surprise). There is a lot of confusion around the dates given for 2011 and 2012 and what exactly they might mean in terms of outcomes or what someone might expect to experience in relation to those dates.

Some of what is being said or predicted is simply not true for anyone, and is the work of the negative polarity deceivers, doing their usual thing of leading people astray and into confusion. Glamour and glitter are some of their tools of deception, particularly those that appeal to the lower self-image held by many who clamor to have their fears assuaged by such pronouncements. Some people feel a need to be constantly fed such pap and so someone else responds to that need by providing it. It is certainly much in demand, and there are many willing to supply that demand, like any other commodity in your marketplace – for a price. And that price is not measured in currency units alone. There is also a “price” to be paid in terms of how much more time one will spend in 3D expression. However, once again, this is how it looks from the surface. Every single choice that is made really has its roots in the desire of the Creator to experience every possible experience, so no path or choice is better than any other one. In that sense, they are all equal because they simply fill a niche in the possibilities available to the Creator with which to experience Itself through Its creations. In other words, it all serves the Creator, to whom all of its creations are equally “good.”


Now as to the subject of “mates.” There is really only the Creator, expressing Itself through Its creations, as we have often noted and emphasized. The idea of a “mate” is something of a construct that produces a kind of seeking in those that are those creations, and that seeking is really a seeking to move out of the experience of being separate from the Creator and become one with the Creator again. When a point of experiences itself as separate from both the Creator and the other points of that exist, there is a natural seeking to reunite and become whole with all of the parts that exist in the Mind of God. However, in fact, the experience of separation itself is an illusion that provides the experiences sought by the Creator, so the seeking is actually the seeking of the Creator to experience Itself as being separate parts that can interact with each other in ways that “pretend” they are separate and not really part of the whole.

The idea of twins, soul twins, twin flames and the like is a fabrication of human minds that perpetuates this illusory seeking and it arises from the Oversoul that scripts each particular life so that taken as a whole, the sum of the experiences provided by all of the scripts written by all of the Oversouls provides all of the experiences desired by the Creator. No one and no thing exists in separation from the Creator. That is simply not possible as there is ONLY the Creator, expressing Itself through Its creations.

Some of you have had the recent experience of having “parts” of yourself split off and leave you, while other “parts” have showed up as new ways for you to describe and identify yourself. Some of you have discovered you have more than one “twin” walking around on the planet, while others have discovered that while there is only one of you walking around in 3D, you occupy more than one body in higher levels of your being. The whole construct of all of these being is “made up” and none of it is “true” with a capital T. There is ONLY THE CREATOR. Everything else is a fiction, but it certainly moves the story , doesn’t it! And THAT is the whole reason for everything that exists TO exist – to move the Creation “story” , just like any good script. All action and interaction, all background and foreground, serves to set the stage and provide the action for the story or drama to move and to provide experience for the Creator to experience.

So, our recommendation to all of you who might be pondering the significance of these dates, gates, and possibly about your “mates,” is to get back to the basics, because that is where you end up anyway. Let go and let God provide the details of your journey AS IT UNFOLDS, and stop trying to figure things out, if you are still doing that. Many of you who are heading to Terra are already beginning to experience the peace of living in the present, with no thought or attention on the past or the future any more. This is how you will be all of the time once you are fully anchored in the higher levels of your being. 4D is only one of those levels, although it is where you will put your focus most of the time as part of fulfilling your agreement as one of the 144,000 elohim who are supporting the movement to the completion of what was created billions of years ago. Once you are through with that particular task, you will move on to other tasks and provide other kinds of experiences for the Creator.

The work that has been done to clear your cellular memory has made all of this possible, because otherwise all of you would still be mired in the residue of all of the experience you have had across those billions of years, across the entire spectrum of your being. You are still veiled and cannot grasp the extent of how long and how vast your experience has been, but once you have moved beyond the threshold of your veiling and regained your memory, it will be something that will require a bit of adaptation, because there will be SO MUCH information to incorporate that you will need to be very still and very quiet while it fills you.

fasten your seat belt!

We chose to speak to you today because today is a date that at least two people originally settled on as beginning the final “countdown” to the end of this cycle. Because there are so many tasks that still need to take place in terms of providing the experiences and completions that need to take place, the time between now and the end of each of these exit paths will be increasingly intense. The shorter the time left on each exit path, the more intense the experience will be and the path to Terra and its polar opposite are the shortest of the 12 exit paths, so they will be the most intense. For people on the other exit paths, their dates will be different in terms of both what they experience and the conclusion it leads to.

The timelines continue to separate from each other and for those of you who are no longer turning to outside sources of information for your “news,” you will not even notice what is happening on those other perceptual screens. Your attention will be more and more within and your experience will be more and more focused on the shift in your awareness and how YOU are being changed. At the perfect moment and in the perfect way, each of you who is part of Operation Terra will simply experience yourself in a different location, in a different body, and with a different system to operate in. It will occur naturally and without particular effort on your part. As we have said repeatedly, this is not something you earn or can create for yourself. You just have to relax into it and receive it.

So what lies ahead for each person will be essentially a continuation of what has gone before for each of them. Each step has led to the next step and it will continue to be that way. You can look back with the clarity of hindsight and see how this has operated in your own life and it will continue to operate in your life so that each of you will get to where your Oversoul has scripted for you to get to. The “future” already exists, and the from the “past” to the “future” through the “present” has already been laid out and drawn. You get to experience each moment of that like a bead on a string, but the bead keeps moving along the string and as it does, you are changed by the interactions and experiences that appear in a particular location on that string. It is much more complex than that, but that is all we care to say about it.

Your future already exists and you cannot miss arriving at it. There is no “final destination.” Even the future that you focus on right now is just another step, just another moment on the string of your experience as a point of awareness within All That Is, and it stretches out until you merge back into the godhead completely and lose all sense of yourself as a separate point of awareness. However, now your awareness is poised at a very interesting part of the journey and we felt it would be helpful for us to remind you of the basic principles that we have given you to practice in your lives.

The event horizon has been passed and the course has been set. There is no more play in the system and no more room for interference. It will all go forward now to completion. Take some deep breaths and register this. It is going to be an interesting time to be in a body and things will unfold rapidly from here on in.

We love you and are with you always. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven


October 22, 2011

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you today because there are some points we feel need to be made at this time. In our last communication, which we entitled, “Dates, Gates, and Mates,” we made some observations from our perspective that some people have not understood because of their perspective, and we wanted to clarify those things so that our meaning is perfectly clear.

First of all, in terms of dates, we want to reiterate the endless nature of the process and journey you are experiencing and that will not change, no matter what form your particular subjective experience takes for you. Outside of time, all things are simultaneously present in some portion of what we have called the Mind of God. They may be actually manifesting or only be there in potential; everything is always either emerging or resolving back into that ground of existence that gives rise to it.

It is really a very dynamic and complex process and unless one is in a state of full connection with that consciousness from which everything else arises, one cannot really appreciate our perspective on this, no matter how many words we use to try to describe it to you in terms you can understand from within the perspective of a veiled human being that thinks it is separate from everything else.

There really is no “time” as you understand it. As we have said before, time is a vector quantity that places things within the physical realm of the space/time continuum. It has shape — height, depth and width — just as “space” does, and it serves as a “locator,” but has no separate reality of its own, other than to be useful as a model through which one can place things and events in relationship to each other. Your calendars and other devices for marking or measuring time are just that — devices that various mental processes have invented as useful tools to describe these phenomena. However, because of the nature of the experience of thinking that you are a separate being, whose existence is separate from and in relation to everything else you perceive, you tend to get things backwards. Instead of perceiving these devices as devices, you confuse the measuring tool with the thing that is being measured. You place undeserved importance on both the devices and the interpretations of them made by others whom you consider authorities of some kind.

While there is significance in when things occur that is just as important as observing what occurs, this often leads to incorrect conclusions when not perceived in the proper context. Unless one directly perceives the intimate connections between any one thing or event and everything else that exists, it is easy to attribute causality to the phenomena themselves, when there is really only one “cause” that is responsible for everything that exists. And that leads us to our second point — the apparent misunderstanding of our prior statement that the concept of twin flames, twin souls, or “twins” is a human fabrication, based in the illusion that you are separate from each other.


Some people have not read what we said very carefully, and they have ignored the actual descriptions we have given about the form things take on Terra, only one of the many levels of reality. We said that on Terra, everything that reproduces sexually is part of a mated pair that we have called a dyad. We have also said in more than one place that the Oversouls create all of the projections that are observable as “lives” or bodies, and that within itself, the Oversoul has no gender and is complete, so there is no need to find one’s other parts in order to be complete. We said that the dyad is a mechanism through which one can seek union with the whole. We did not say it was a fundamental unit of existence, and we want to make it clear that there is NO fundamental unit of existence other than the ONE LIFE that is expressing through all of the forms that It creates.

You can call It what you want to call It. Any name will do, but some names will convey meaning to others around you while other names will not. In the past, we have used the terms “God,” “the Creator,” and “Source,” because they would be understood by most people who understand 3D terms and expressions. Our transmission is being translated into physical words by our scribe, who speaks American English as her native language, so our words come through her in terms that she would use in speaking to others who also understand American English. However, our meaning is also filtered through the awareness and perceptions of those who read and receive these communications through her writings and web site, so what comes across to each person will vary according to what they bring to it in terms of their understanding, experience, and perspective.

One of our readers has recently come up with the term “Ocean” for this source from which everything else arises, because he recently experienced this ground of existence as a liquid medium that undulated like the ocean does. You will note that our scribe has repeatedly used images and figures of speech that relate to the ocean, and we have also used metaphors along those lines throughout the Messages. You could call it “the Ocean of Consciousness.” The point here is that there is no one word or even a phrase that accurately describes this ground of experience. It must be experienced in order to be understood, and until one is in full connection with it — whether briefly or as a permanent state of being — no amount of words will convey the nature of the experience itself OR the nature of that ground of existence.

We have spoken repeatedly about this point. Perhaps some of you are beginning to understand this as you move into your own “knowing” enough to begin to recognize that there are no secrets between us here. There is only the veil. As the veil thins, you will also change your relationship to us as your source of information, replacing us with your own “knowing” and becoming more independent, sovereign beings — our peers, not our students.

Everything we have said and done in connection with Operation Terra has had this as one of its goals — to liberate you from the prison of the “small self” and assist and support you into moving into your true nature as a vast, self-aware intelligence that has precipitated this portion of reality from within your own being. We have referred to that aspect of you as an “eloha” (plural “elohim”) but again the words and names really are just devices for trying to bridge the gap between our perspective and yours. They have no reality of their own other than what you bring to them in hearing the words and translating them through your own lens.

If one looks back across the more recent portions of human history (going back only several thousand years) you can see the adoption of different devices with which to try to describe various understandings as they emerged in the human consciousness. However, an interesting thing occurred as that unfolded. The concepts that were considered the “truth” in a given time and environment became accepted as immutable, so anything that went beyond that was considered radical, heresy, or something to be feared and eliminated. The same is true today. For reasons we won’t go into today, established thinking about the nature of this ground of existence is threatened by our insistence that there is nothing inherently good or evil to That which creates it (which we find convenient to refer to as the Creator, since that describes the action of continuously creating everything that manifests) — that to the Creator, all of Its creations are good.

Many, if not most or all of you, have personal preferences, in keeping with your unique expression of the One Life being lived. You were designed by your Oversoul with certain biases, tendencies, and what might properly be called “character traits,” using the double meaning of “character” to refer to one’s role in a given drama and also to refer to “what one is made of” — the stuff of morality, conscience, and value systems one is imbued with from the other “characters” one comes in contact with — from conception, ensoulment and gestation on through to physical death or complete transformation, whichever occurs for a particular individual.

Your preferences are part of how you define yourself as being different or the same as others around you. You seek those who share your values as a way of validating your definition of yourself. However, from OUR perspective, there is just the ISness of everything. Everything just IS what and how it is, and there is nothing that is better than anything else, nothing that is worse than anything else. There is only the Creator, wearing Its creations like many costumes worn all at once.

We see reality from the perspective of full connection, and therefore we can experience and observe everything in its proper relationship to everything else. Everything fills a unique place in the whole so that all of the possible experiences are available to the Creator for Its own experience of Itself. It has no preferences. It only wants to experience everything possible. Therefore, everything is perfect just the way it is at any given moment. It is providing the perfect experience to satisfy the Creator’s desire to have that particular experience. The Creator takes pleasure in all of the experiences It creates. This may be difficult to understand, but your pain and your joy are just experiences for the Creator, through which It is fulfilled.

People who are still veiled have no authority to speak for what “God wants” for anyone else. Each person can only know what “God wants” for them, and then only if they are listening within and can hear what each moment is telling them. Some people are “called” to a given purpose; others have no idea what their purpose in being is. It doesn’t matter if they know their purpose or not. They are serving it just by being in expression. There are so many ideas floating around about how one should eat, behave, or believe in order to achieve a certain outcome, but none of those beliefs are valid in and of their own, just like a belief that one needs someone else to complete them is not valid. It’s just a belief, and just a mechanism through which to further one’s seeking to fulfill its purpose, whether one understands their purpose or not. It is all being driven by the Oversoul. None of it sources from within the veiled human being, and until the veil parts and full connection is attained as a permanent state of being, none of it is properly understood by anyone who is not in that state.

You have no idea how much peace comes from being in full connection. Everything is grasped appropriately, seen in its proper context, and appreciated for its place in the whole. Those of you who are making the trip to Terra at this time will be able to appreciate these words more when you regain that state of full connection. To others, they may reject what we say here because it’s not part of their journey to appreciate the correctness of these statements at this point in time, but that, too, is also perfect because they are just being who they came to be. They are just being “in character” for their role and place in the whole.

If you were watching a movie and one of the characters suddenly started acting in ways that were not consistent with the way they have been acting or, more importantly, in keeping with the overall drama of which they are a part — the story line — it would feel “off” to anyone perceiving them. Because we can perceive the perfection of everything just as it is and as it is unfolding, we can accept everything and just do our part in playing our roles within the whole. Our roles include having these conversations with all of you who have been drawn to read our words because of your roles in the whole.

So, while you may be drawn to find a mate or even enjoy being with the one you have, this is just a part of the overall seeking to become one with All That Is. It is not a fundamental building block of the universe! We hope we have made our position clear on this. Everything sources from and is scripted by the Oversouls, which in turn are serving the Creator’s desire to experience all of the possible combinations and permutations by creating all of the possible combinations and permutations for the Creator to experience. It sounds a bit circular, and it is. There is ONLY the Creator-in-expression, and anything else is an illusion that makes it possible for the Creator to explore all of the possibilities available to It within the parameters of a given Creation.

Since calendars are just devices for marking or measuring time and do not define time itself, all methods of assigning dates to anything are approximations at best, and could simply be interpretations on someone’s part that are not universally true. It wasn’t so long ago in human terms that people thought the Earth was the center of everything because they observed that the sun rose and set and the stars appeared to move through the skies. It seemed that the celestial bodies all revolved around the Earth, and there was a certain periodicity to those movements. Calendars of many kinds were developed to describe those movements, and certain positions or occurrences were given special significance by those who were the authorities for their times. However, there is nothing intrinsically valid to any of that. They are conventions at best, and most of them will soon be as useless for predicting or marking anything as a watch without hands or numerals that only displays the single word “NOW.”

There is only “now.” Even our word “soon” is a rough approximation and one given in a context of billions of years. Are any of you reading this tired of waiting for something to show up or happen according to a given calendar or prediction? We suggest that you put the ideas of “dates” and “mates” in the past and fully enter the “now.” Respond to what shows up, when it shows up, as best as you can, and trust that the journey will take you to where you are going. It cannot do otherwise, since the Oversouls have created it to work that way, and “you” (that part of you that thinks it’s separate from everything else) don’t have any say in it at all! (Pardon our laughter, but from our perspective, it is really quite humorous.)

That being said, we are left with our third point — that of the “gates” themselves. They, too, are just devices or mechanisms — ways of carrying out what the Oversouls have scripted/written to occur in keeping with the Creator’s desires for a new Creation. Each of these 12 gates will take those that are on a given timeline to their new place in . While most people who do not drop their bodies immediately will think they are still on the same planet as they always were, they will not be. There is no version of this present planet Earth that comes through any of the wormholes intact. Each version of planet Earth will emerge in a different place in . The version that becomes the “new Earth” (which we refer to as Terra) will move out of her 3D body and move into her 4D expression. Some people will end up on a 4D negative-polarity planetary “twin” to Terra, which we will not name. All other “Earths” will move into other 3D planetary bodies, and each of those will provide more 3D experiences for those who are scripted to have them in .

The timelines are already separating out from each other and have been doing so for many years. The movement is not generally apparent and ironically, those who pass out of your experience may continue in a different direction — one that is parallel to yours but not perceivable by you. It’s as if each timeline has moved into a tunnel (its own wormhole) and as things move forward to their conclusion, all memories of what one left behind will fade as new information comes in and new scenarios present. This is already in motion and can be seen as an overall movement, but one that is not shared equally across all beings who are now in bodies on the present planet. Those who pass out of your experience may or may not still be walking around on another timeline, but all you have to do is keep your eyes trained on the journey that is yours alone to make. It has all already happened anyway, so just enjoy the journey as much as you can, be good to yourself, and be ready to respond to what shows up.

We leave you now in peace, honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.