~ Gratitude….the elixir that blooms the ~


precious precious friends…


Indeed…it is with Great Great JOY

that we come forth  this day…this tradition

of this your year 2011…


it is with great joy that we come to bow before your feet

and bathe you in gratitude for your service to love..

it is indeed with great admiration and  humility

that we kneel before you and say

~thank you ~    thank you ~

for your dedicated service to remembering

who you are and for being so willing to let go

of all that you are not!!!!


this very process has been what this your year

of 2011 is about….

so…what then is it that you are remembering is

true about You???


is it not that you are the very power of love itself

and that the very power to create from and with love

is available to you Now..???


is it not that you have brought to earth

and you are discovering that you are the heaven

you were waiting for…???  that there is a power

within you NOW

that is called Love and it can and does

Heal all things?????


yes…indeed…allow this to be so for you…

allow it to ~sink in ~ to the depths of your

being that this is who and what you are….


Your power to create with love has never

been taken from you…..it is you that believed

you were separate from it…it is you that believed

the very power of love was  ~somewhere else ~…

belonging only to some great master somewhere

out there who surely is more worthy than I

of co creating heaven on earth….


ahhhh…yes…projection….i can give that job

to some Master out there and i can simply

be the ….i can simply be the mother…the father..

the employee or whatever "title" you have given

to the body……yet….dear one's

the body itself is an illusion…therefore i say to you..

all of those titles are simply that….titles….

you dear one's are not limited to any ~title~…

you are not limited an any way to anything…

you are all of it…..

you are all that you see and you are

all that you Be…

so….we ask of you…who would you Be???


Be that which God is for that is

who you are….an eternal dance…

creator and createss….beloved and loved…

together as ONE….

to live from this space …to create from your

only true Reality is to

live in a continual and unwavering

practice of gratitude for whatever is being

witnessed by you….


Gratitude lives right next door to the

divine mind….it is the frequency of the Heart…

it says thank you  from within the silent place

of the heart to whatever is arising….

gratitude blooms the petals of the flower

that if allowed bursts forth radiant light

from within the One True Heart

reaching out to infinity blessing…loving..

praising that which God is..that which You are…


it creates beautiful worlds of love

for  you to experience within each choice

made for it…

it is liken to a magic pill…

the frequency of choosing gratitude

from the heart creates upon

upon miracle and allows your Self

to bathe you in the truth of the river of love

that you truly do exist within always…


gratitude is the great veil dissolver…

so…dear ones

why not this day dive into and only value

living from within the seed of gratitude

and water it with your constant attention

and love….


you are so deeply…deeply loved…


say this out loud to yourself

each day as often as you can remember…


All I see is Me

therefore i will be grateful

to MySelf

for each moment of my awareness


only then….only then

will i see and experience what

has always been true…



it is all that has very been true

about you….


blessings and deep heart felt appreciation

for the love and the willingness you bring

to this delightful dance of bringing all of creation

home to love…


The Voice of Love




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blessings to all this Thanksgiving …2011….