7 November 2011 – 11:35pm | jimmy

This is so awesome I had to share it. As many of you know, last week I had an incredible mystical experience where I downloaded the crystalline matrix (the 11/11/11 code) and released the metatronic death matrix, then I released the dark my soul had been accumulating for billions of years. The entire event was preceded by some horrific headaches which landed me in the emergency room twice. After releasing the dark and the metatronic death matrix, the headaches vanished, and I spent the next several hours in a state of ecstatic bliss. The entire experience was described in general terms by 's regarding "inception." Lauren's posts are ridiculously awesome and right on the money, and I suspect anybody on the cutting edge of the ascension process knows what I'm talking about. She basically described the releasing of the old blueprint and the downloading of the new matrix, which is exactly what happened in the most mind blowing way. See my very first for details. Here's the new stuff:

After the new download and release of old energies and old programs, I felt incredible, but I was wondering, "where are my superpowers?" I wrote about that in a post, and somebody commented, "It sounds like a dud." I couldn't help but agree to some extent, even though I could honestly say I've never felt better in my life. In my heart of hearts, I was extremely happy to feel so good, but I was hoping to be able to levitate, walk on water, or at least travel to different dimensions at will while fully conscious. Over the last week, I have noticed something amazing that I'm just starting to wrap my head around. Like many of us, I have a kinesthetic awareness of energy. I can feel the energy entering and leaving my through my various chakras, usually through my , but all chakras are able to take in and . Until last week, there seemed to be a balance between releasing energy and taking it in. However, after the release of the old blueprint and the dark energy, I noticed that my body is continually taking in energy, huge gulps at a time, and doesn't appear to be releasing any. I suspect that I released so much dark energy in one big chunk that it's taking some time to replace it with .

The energy has been coming mostly through my crown, but also through my heart chakra, and sometimes through the bindu chakra at the base of my skull. I received a telepathic message two days ago from the . She was telling me that she wanted to connect with me. Over the last years, our bodies have slowly become energy conduits transmitting energy and information between and earth. I have been given the image of a DNA spiral passing directly through my from top to bottom and bottom to top, constantly transmitting energy and information between and earth with me as the connecting link. According to , after the 11/11/11 activation (the downloading of the crystalling matrix is the 11/11/11 activation), my body's transformation into an energy conduit had reached a new level, and was beckoning me to allow her to connect with me to take advantage of the transformation. admonished me (in a loving way) to not underestimate her power.

So, I asked Mother earth to connect with me, and I could immediately feel her energy coming up through my feet. It felt so good, I realized I had been ignoring Mother earth for too long while I focused my attention on my upper chakras (our connection to heaven). I could feel her love for me. My body trembled and shook as as the energy surged upward and filled my body. I decided to connect with Mother earth every day from now on. This decision led me to another mind blowing experience.

This afternoon, I was in my car. I decided to meditate, starting the meditation by asking Mother Earth to connect with me. Immediately I felt the energy coming up through my feet. I then asked heaven to connect with me as Mother Earth's energy surged upward. Immediately I felt energy coming down through my crown chakra, and holy living God, when the energy between heaven and earth collided in my solar plexus, my body went nuts. I went into crazy convulsions so bad that if somebody had been looking they would have called an ambulance. My entire car was shaking! It would have looked to an outsider as if I was having a seizure. It felt so good! I could feel that energy filling me up from both ends, and I could literally feel my light body expanding!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the power!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God, I suddenly realized that our superpowers will come to us to the extent that we are able to expand our lightbodies and fill them with divine energy. The "inception," or the releasing of the old matrix and old energies and the downloading of the 11/11/11 crystalline matrix program is just one step toward total mastery. Once those old energies are gone and the new matrix is in place, we have to replace the old energies with divine energy and then expand our lightbodies for eternity!!!!!!!!!!! The further we expand our light bodies, the more power we will have to know and exercise Divine will!

I would like people to take from this post a few important points. First of all, you don't have to wait until 11/11/11 to download the crystalline matrix. 11/11/11 is a numerical code and it's download is available right now. Focus on the numbers. The download will happen as soon as you're ready. It may have happened already to many lightworkers who don't even realize it.

The second point is that the Earth wants to connect with us. I read a post recently from somebody advising against connecting to the earth right now. The channeler said it's important to stand on our own two feet and to leave earth alone. I would advise anybody to read that post with discernment. The earth's ascension is closely connected to our own personal ascension. We are all one. If we stand on our own two feet, where will we stand if it's not on the earth?

The key to developing superpowers which can be used to facilitate the ascension of humanity and the planet is to expand our lightbodies. One awesome way to do that is by bringing the energy of heaven down to earth and the energy of earth up to heaven at the same time so that they meet in your solar plexus.

The last point is this: Try not to be disappointed if you don't have immediate superpowers. It's a process and will take work. And I imagine it will take time and practice to develop these powers, even when our lightbodies have enough energy to pull off some amazing stuff.

I'm so excited to see how this unfolds, and I'll keep you informed every step of the way!!!!!!!!! I would love to hear about other lightworkers' experiences too.