As the year 2012 dawns there are many things the awakened lightworkers will sense and notice as well as see changing right before their eyes.
There will be the greater between the awakened and those that are asleep as everyone falls into their roles.
People will be standing up for their rights like never before around the world, and you will find it unusual for lightworkers and wayshowers to be directly involved in this, but supporting from the wings. Again this is about different people assuming their roles, a lightworkers role will very seldom cross over with that of an activator or those that are here to initiate these changes.
The veil between the physical and the spirit realm will thin and even the un-awakened will have trouble denying that they have seen "seeing and hearing" things.
Huge sweeping changes will be seen across the board both politically and financially.
Your role as a may also change or evolve for those lightworkers whom have fallen into a static will be pushed to continue to grow and develop spiritually and energetically.
It will feel more and more like you are operating on another playing field from those around you, it may at times feel as if others that exist below your pre-ascension state cannot hear or see you which in fact is not too far from the truth.
As you become more of your higher/multidimensional selves, you will be able to better understand the concept of existing beyond the limits of the and space of your three dimensional world.
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