The mass movement of humanity towards awakening is a process that was planned eons ago to bring you all home to Reality, your loving Father's eternal domain. He has missed you while you have been hiding from Him in the unreal environment that you built for yourselves in which to play games of separation and abandonment, and He grieves for the suffering that you have undergone while there. He longs for you to return home so that He and you can delight once more in each other's company.

To be in God's company provides a state of ecstasy for you, and His only Will for you is that you experience that state eternally, as your joy when you are with Him adds to His. Your destiny is to come home to Him. It is unavoidable, so release your fears and worries and relax into the certainty of that divine Truth. If you feel in any way unworthy of His Love for you or of your right to come home to Him, I assure you that that is an unreal and imaginary concept, born out of your fear that you had angered Him, and that you can happily dismiss it from your minds because it has no validity whatsoever. You are all perfect divine beings, and the perfect place for you is at Home in His eternal Presence.

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