God said:

is great. is a technique. Press that button in your heart often, and see what happens. The more you have, the more you will have to be grateful for. You will have great gratefulness. You will be attracting it. Your thoughts are like magnets. Whatever you are thinking about, you will attract more of the quality of your thoughts. Thoughts are a dime a dozen. For the same money, you can have thoughts that benefit you rather than thoughts that pull you down.

So, when you have a day when you are down in the dumps, turn your attention on what you are grateful for, and you will no longer be down in the dumps. No what solid reason you have to feel down, gratitude will lift you up. Gratitude keeps you open-ended. Feeling down stops you right there. If you want to feel up, remember all that which you are grateful for, and then think of more.

Your attitude is a compilation of your thoughts. Switch your thoughts, and your attitude is switched.

Good elevates you. Bad depresses you. Sometimes your thoughts are based on what comes in on you, and, yet, you are the owner of your thoughts. You admit them to your mind, cuddle with them, or you boot them out. Make up your mind, beloveds. You are the chooser of your thoughts. Of course, you would choose uplifting thoughts rather than debilitating ones. Of course, you would, and, yet, sometimes you find yourself hammering the debilitating thoughts.

Tell me how you feel, and I can tell you the thoughts you have echoing in your mind. You can tell yourself. When you are in a pickle, and you want to be out of the pickle, think unpickled thoughts.

When you pick flowers, you choose the flowers you will pick. And if a field does not have the flowers you want, you go to another field. Do the same with your thoughts. Which flowers do you want to put into the vase of your mind? You have your pick. In the case of your thoughts, be fussy.

Be grateful that you are alive. You could have a million reasons why you are not glad to be alive. Now find five reasons why you are grateful. Do not be an ingrate. Thank God for your life. Ungratefulness is selfishness. Gratefulness is generous in its humility. No matter what your circumstances, find the light within and you will be lit. Keep your light on.

Keep your light on so that you are bright and I can spot you anywhere. Keep your light on so you light up the world for others. Anyone can be morose. There's nothing hard about that. By the same token, anyone can be bright. Why would you choose to be morose when you can choose to be bright? Never mind the reasons. The reasons, no matter how evident they are, are, nevertheless, excuses. I will tell you frankly that there is no excuse for you to talk yourself into being less than you are.

You are a powerful human being. You have the power to pull yourself down, and you have the power to pull yourself up. You have the power to drink a of ambrosia, and you have the power to drink a of bitterness. Bitterness is poison. Which do you choose to fill the world up with? Ambrosia or bitterness? Ambrosia or sourness? It's your .

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