God said:

When there is a sky above, day or not, sunny or not, cloudy or not, and you can look up at it, how can you feel tired, afraid, angry, bored, blasé, or any of the variant ways you may feel? Are you not privy to something amazingly wonderful each and every day? How can a sky be so beautiful in so and you be feeling anything but elated? Just think of it, stars at night, a moon, shadows. What kind of a spectacular God can create such wonder! What a superlative God am I! I am amazed even at Myself! Nevertheless, what could have come from Me but beauty?

I set up a sky so that you might have a glimpse of the Vastness of . I climbed a tall ladder and pasted the stars in the night. Or I leaned down from a cloud and dropped the stars into the night sky. Or I set candles up all over the network of the sky and lit them every night so you may see them and have an idea of majesty.

What about the land and sea that I fashioned when I moved Being into the manifest? Could Eternity even be long enough for Me to describe every Act of Creation? And what about the spinning of planets and the topsy-turviness of it all — the galaxies and what not? Let Us be even more finite as We ponder the wonders I have performed. A butterfly! A darning-needle! Fireflies! C’mon, what more do you need in order for you to know, and to know without doubt, that there is a God who fashioned everything. Out of seeming Nothingness arose Beauty of such proportions that We can only entitle such Beauty as miraculous. Excuse Me, have you not taken all this into account?

I whipped up your soul, and I interlaced it with the intricacies of the human body. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, within every aspect of you, I created connections of unbeatable connectedness – of unbelievable connectedness, and yet I ask you to believe, no, more than believe to accept the miracle that you are part of as well.

My most wonderful creation of all is you. Not with carelessness did I give you dominion over every living thing and the world itself. I was not careless nor was I mistaken. I made you in My image so that you could be like Me. You must accept that you have within you the proclivity to be as I am and to fulfill the world with the same beauty in which I created it.

If the world is not yet to your liking, then, following in My footsteps now, as I , and the next thing you know, the world will be as you . To is not just wishful thinking. To is to create. There is not one minute in which you are not, by your thoughts, by your ideas, creating. You cannot absolve yourself of .

Responsibility is the same as opportunity. I am not bandying words. Responsibility is that you can do something. Responsibility is a great opportunity. Responsibility is a tribute to your ability. It is a recognition of what is true. Can you or can you not create a world as beautiful as the physical world I created? Certainly life in the world can equal the beauty it served to you on a golden platter? Of course, the extant world can live up to its inherit beauty, and you are the means by which it can.

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