God said:

You are growing. That means you are growing up. Your personal needs are no longer the most important thing in the world. I am not telling you that you don't matter. I am saying that you matter very much. You matter so much to the and to Me that now you let go of holding onto your personal needs.

This often means that you keep quiet. It is not so urgent any longer that you express yourself, or, rather, it is imperative that you express yourself in new ways. Sometimes you have to hold your tongue in the interests of all concerned. Understand that I am not diminishing your role. I am telling you that you have a bigger role to fulfill.

When I spoke to the Great Spiritual Ones in the world, they did not say: &;But, God….&; They did not say, &;But, God, I don't want to leave my personality behind. I want to settle my irritations with certain people and certain situations. I want to express myself and my personal needs. I want to settle everything.&;

If the Great Ones had spoken so, I would have said to them:

"Walk away now. Walk away now from your need to have anything settled the way you believe it has to be. From your limited view, you are right, yet you are leaving your small behind now, and you are going beyond. Small is . You think you have certain needs that have to be responded to, acknowledged, revered. Why, you have bigger fish to fry. You have greater needs than your own to take care of. You have peace to give. You have a bigger pond to live in now. The pond you are meant for is the Whole Universe.

"It is not that you are here to concede. You are here now to stride across the horizon of the past and your attachment to it. You are to take a leap and come with Me as My right hand and bring out Greaterness in everyone. No longer do these unmet needs of yours matter."

I would say to you now the same.

Do you remember the Hobbit who did not want to leave his cozy Hobbit house and his breakfasts and his creature comforts? But what happened is that an X was put on his door. He was chosen to go on an adventure. Despite his personal requirement and reluctance, he went on the adventure. This is how he became a hero, not by staying and living off the land. He did not stay at . He left the familiar and entered the Unknown.

We could say that he left his small territory for a far greater one.

This does not have to mean that you must travel, although it may. What you have to leave behind you is the idea that your personal rightness and your personal satisfaction and your personal , have to come before the Wholeness of the Big Picture. Let Me remind you again that this step forward is not forced upon you. It is a recognition that you come to. It is your graduation from littleness. You give up your and choose greater than yourself. What you are doing is losing your specialness to yourself. This is how you become great.

It may seem contradictory to you that you grow greater by letting go of your singular importance. What We are talking about here now is not a new concept to you. It is inevitable. In order to find yourself, you must lose yourself, your little self, that is.

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