God said:

Let Us be partners in this enterprise called . Let Us march toward peace. Let Us carry peace with Us and upliftment to all.

Put down your arms, beloveds. If you must defend, defend peace. If you must assail, assail . If you must possess, possess and give it away as the blessing it is.

As We are friends, so must you be friendly to all. Friendliness has value. Friendship has value. Enmity has none. Be for peace and love and brotherhood. Honor the bond between all and wind it freely throughout the Universe. Let there be no place in the world for resentment. Release hearts. May all hearts sail on the Ocean of and Love. Let your be a sailboat quietly bringing all to the harbor wherein love lies.

Let your heart be awash in receptivity. Let your heart be an aerial that reaches and brings . Let your love be a tree whose top leaves fall to . Let other hearts rake up the leaves of love that fall in all seasons. Let your love be bulbs that erupt from the and grow to the sun and burst as hyacinths and daffodils. In splendor, bulbs of love burst until the whole landscape is filled with color. The sweet scent of love covers the Universe, and all is beautiful.

Like music, love leaps to the Earth and rises from the Earth. Where there is love, what is not beautiful? Love is a magic wand. Wave it and love will be like waves of grain and flags blowing in the wind. Love reveals itself on all sides. Love cultures itself, and love becomes the light of day until love alone exists, until love alone is known, and everyone is solidly My of love, and all the world is covered in love, no one protests, and all are in service to love. All that grows on Earth is love. Love is known, and what else is there to know?

Let all homes be love. Let all families be love. Let all schools be love. Let love take over the Earth and be true to itself. Let there be a trace of nothing else but love. Let love be the only reality to be true to.

Let love be sown, and love be untrammeled, and love be the song of Earth, known in all languages, known in all courts. Anything but love is a travesty. Without love, what remains is travesty.

Hospitals will be emptied. The drug of choice will be love. There will be no headaches because love surmounts all.

Ego will be sacrificed to love, and even ego will see the sense of love and not care that ego itself no longer exists.

All will be transmuted to love until all is love, and there is nothing left to transmute to love, and love will dance and sing and know itself. Love will be rampant where nothing else but love is.

Love will be broadcast on radio and TV. Love will ring in freedom. All will choose love even as there is nothing else to choose.

In every corner of the world, love will reign. Love will reign in all languages. Many words will no longer exist. When love is all, there will be no need for words that are unrepresentative of love. They will disappear and be forgotten upon the face of the Earth. The face of the Earth will be love, and love will be the only mirror to look into.

Therefore, you who have long yearned to see the Face of God will see the Face of God everywhere, for there will be nothing else to see and nothing else to be seen but the love that I AM.

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