God said:

Remember that wherever you are, whatever location or condition, I am with you. Remember Me, and a greater sense of will be yours. Let Me be a balm to you. Whatever is upsetting you, better to vent on Me than anyone else.

The reason for this is that I can take it. It doesn't matter to Me what you say to Me. Your negativity is no more than a ping pong ball to Me. I said your negativity. You, on the other hand, are fully important to Me. You matter to Me deeply.

When you vent, even just within yourself, the individual you are venting on receives your thoughts and gripping emotions and may not be able to deal with them. He may not know from where the negativity comes, but he will sense the negativity and be discomfited. For the sake of the world, I ask you to vent on Me. And if you can do without venting altogether, that will be a boon for you and a boon for the Universe.

You may feel that no one is listening to you. I am telling you that the whole world is listening to you. It's unfortunate that everyone doesn't give you their full attention. If they did, if they knew to, if they saw you as I see you, if they your heartbeats as I your heartbeats, then you might not be having the negative thoughts and feelings you may presently feel bound to vent. And, yet, just the same, you are responsible for any and all negativity you have thumping in your heart.

If I were you – and, of course, I am – I wouldn't wait for your worth to be recognized. Others may overlook you, discount you. They may not give you the importance you are entitled to, yet that doesn't mean you are to give them such importance as to ruin your day or even a of your day. What someone thinks of you or doesn't think of you isn't worth the of day. Shake off their thoughts and emotions. Focus on something else. Focus on something that gives you even a shred of . Even a shred of is worth ten thousands more than a barrelful of negativity. Negativity is a negative. It's not worth anything. It is a minus. You might as well take poison as to accept negativity from yourself or take anyone's negativity into your heart. Watch whom you spend your with. Look for people who think grander than you may have been thinking.

Yes, very definitely, I am for positive thinking. I am a Positive Thinker Myself. Will you give attention to positive thinking? Positive thinking isn't a fad. It isn't an application. It is place for you to to. It will put you in stead.

You can always rise , and yet rising is not an . Decide once and for all that you will rise above your previous thinking. Your rising higher is no longer an for you. It is a . Make life easier and note opportunities to rise higher. Do it for Me. You will gain tremendously, yet do not rise higher for the sake of gain. Rise higher because I ask it of you. Rise higher, for there is a next step for you and rising higher is it. I hold nothing against you, yet I do not applaud your clinging to a lesser platform. Because I ask you to change doesn't mean I don't honor you now. I honor you very much. You occupy My heart. Rise with every beat of My heart and yours.

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