God said:

Whatever you do, do with love. Don't do it to vindicate yourself. Don't do it to be powerful. Don't do it to prove a point. Whatever it is you do, do it with love. This means to do it with caring. This does not mean you are not clear.

Even if you have to fire someone, you can do it clearly with compassion in your . You can do anything with compassion. You do what you have to do.

Again and again we come to your being considerate to others, not at the neglect of yourself, but for the purpose of making life a little easier for another. In so doing, you make life easier for yourself. You enhance the world, and you enhance another, and you enhance yourself.

There are better words than enhance. Perhaps revitalize. Renew. Refresh. Brighten. Restore. Remake. Rejuvenate. Replenish. Redirect. Fill. Amplify. Change. Heighten. Bless. Yes, bless, is a good word. Whatever you have to do, bless another person's life.

You may think this is a hard assignment. It is easier than you think. Do good, but do not be a do-gooder. Quietly, unobtrusively, further My Will, not as a project, but as a way of life. And so you imbue love to the world. And so you partner with Me. And so you make love the heir apparent in the world. This is how you sow love in the world and sustain love in the world. You plant love in the world. You strew seeds of love. This is natural to do. It is unnatural to abstain from enlivening love, circulating love, marking your path with love, making of your life a wreath of love.

the world woven with leis of love. a lei of love around everyone's neck. this lei around the necks of even those who make life difficult for you. Just hand them a lei and go merrily on your way.

Leave rose petals of love wherever you go. No one needs to know that the petals of love came from you. They just need to know the love and carry it along with them.

I sent you to Earth as a blessing to the world. This is what you were made for. You want to know your purpose in life? I am telling you once again what your purpose is. With your eyes, your thoughts, your speech, circulate love. With every transaction, drop off quiet easy love and leave it there. You do not require a certificate of receipt. I am the Sender of Love, and you are the of love. You are not aggrandized because you drop off love. You are My simple messenger. What more is there for Me to say?

I will think of something. I will say you are My Beautiful Messenger of Love. You are the bouquet of flowers I bequeathed to the world. I hand-picked you. I pick well. I know what I am doing. I knew what I was doing when I picked you from all the flowers at My disposal and planted you where I planted you with My own two hands.

You are on Earth to succor the world and to smooth its creases and give solace to all the other flowers who have the same purpose as you.

You need no breaks from giving love. You need no substitute, no diversion. Leaving petals of love is what you do. Whatever other tasks you take on, whatever your work, whatever you commute, wherever you may be stationed, you are to hand out love. Inasmuch as you come from My heart, what else really can your purpose on Earth be if not to feel My love and spread My love exceedingly?

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