God said:

On Earth, you are not playing in a high-stakes' game. You think you are. Sometimes you feel desperately that you are losing. Life is important, yet what occurs in life is not of the utmost importance. You are capable of letting go of terror in life. All the very events that are so serious to you – must you take them so seriously? Life has its own way of doing things. It does not behoove you to spend your in making objections.

Please do not cluck any more about what occurs in life. Forget the word tragedy. Forget the word terrible. Forget the word intolerable.

You cannot change what has already occurred. You can change the effect events have on you. You do not have to beat your chest. You do not have to be distraught or overwrought. You do not have to be overcome. You do not have to be laid low.

While you are alive in your body on Earth, pick yourself up from despair, and keep going forward. Do not dig yourself a hole and keep yourself there. Whatever befalls on Earth, get up from it. Don't linger there. Don't imprint it. Don't use it for a virtuous excuse from engaging in life and making it better, for yourself as well as others. Do not lie down on a bed of nails. You can give up grieving. How long do you think you are supposed to protest against what life has delivered?

It is commonplace for bodies to die on Earth. It is commonplace for events you object to to occur. Impossible as it seems, one day you, too, will not live on Earth in your body. You will fall off the perch of life and continue life in other dimensions. All your woe signifies nothing, beloveds. Let go of woe. You don't need it. You don't need to be knocked down by what occurs. Somewhere along your way in life, you bought the proposition that you have to be wracked by what occurs. What you have to do is to stop feeling wracked, downtrodden, miserable and so forth by what appears. Get up.

You have no excuse for misery. Oh, yes, the world says you do. The world has even provided systems for dealing with misery. Nevertheless, misery is self-imposed, beloveds. If you would let go of your precepts, you would let go of grief. You would not hole up with it. You would not take comfort in it. You would not feel justified to be miserable. You wouldn't choose it.

However dismal aspects of life may seem to you, you cannot stay there. You have to move on.

Life is not meant to be regrettable. Whatever transpires in the world is no more nor less than life in the world. There is more to life than what you think of it. There is a bigger vision that will hold you in good stead.

All right, let's compromise. In regard to what you find intolerable in your life, give up the intolerance. When it comes to others, give them their mourning, but mourning is not for you. Life on Earth with or without a loved one is not to determine your life. While you are in life on Earth, you simply have to let attachments go. Love and be not attached. A form is a form. The demolishing of a form of a loved one does not demolish the loved one.

When you lose your job, you have lost a job. That's all it means. You do not lose opportunity unless you buy the propaganda that jobs are scarce and you won't find another one.

There is no advantage in becoming disheartened. There is always a new way for you. Don't think otherwise.

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