God said:

Just as tree trunks and shale have layers, so do you. You are many-layered. I am speaking of your consciousness. You have layers, and you have buried layers. Within, you hold many layers that are secrets to yourself. Absolutely, you know far more than you credit yourself with. Within you, within your Being, lie all kinds of awareness, yet there is something within you that prevents you from acknowledging clearly all that you know.

There is the sense in which we could think of you as a wolf-child. You have an uncanny layer of you that has not been domesticated and for which you have no vocabulary. Sometimes it seems like a game you play where you ford off the truth that lies within you, some deeply buried, some closer to the surface. You go only so far and prevent yourself from going further. You fear to tread.

You are wise beyond your years. You hold the wisdom of the Universe, and yet you have dealt with what you know. It is like an invisible line has been drawn, and, with all your might, you will not pass that arbitrary line. You could leap over it in a trice, and yet you dissemble. You have reached the and yet cannot quite dare to step into the water.

What is it you fear you will lose when you step into unchartered waters? Of course, you will leave yesteryear. You will leave dry for the tides of the Ocean. Why is this scary for you? What is so frightening about losing ignorance and gaining a new knowledge more important than what lies in books? Books hint at this supreme knowledge that you are so close to. You could reach out and touch it, and yet you fear to let go of the worn path that everyone has walked on. You are afraid of claiming yourself. You are afraid to let go of your foothold. You are afraid to leave the forest and walk into the sea.

Once you step into the Ocean, you will know that the water is fine. You cannot drown. Well, only in can you drown. You want that complete at the same time as you fear it. You fear the Unknown, beloveds, when, all the while, you keep yourself unknown to yourself.

You hesitate to reach out your hand and grasp a million dollars. You are yet afraid to claim the wealth that you are. Perhaps you are afraid that the minute the wealth is handed to you, it will be taken away or fly away, or you fear that in some way your hand will be left empty.

It is too much to claim the gold that is yours only for it to disappear. However, the gold We speak of cannot be taken away. Once you experience it, you've got it. From then on, you can dive into the Ocean at will. By the same token, you can stride across the world. You can climb the highest mountain. You can reach the stars. You can ride on the moon. You can gaze closely at the sun and warm yourself and the entire Universe. No longer fear leaving dry land. You can be more than a vestige of yourself. You can fly. You can swim. You can dare.

You can leave limits behind you. You can walk away from limits. You can see through anything and everything. You no longer need to fool yourself. You no longer need to play the fool. Unless you rise to the knowledge that you truly are, you have fooled yourself. You may have fooled everyone. At the same time, everyone knows better. You know better. You are far more credentialed than you will concede to.

Now, today, allow the possibility of Great Knowledge offering itself to you, and grab it. Grab it as one who is starving for God-given wisdom.

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