God said:

You can count on My loving you, yet you cannot count the ways I , for I in infinite ways. There is never a stoppage of My . There never is an interference. There is nothing that can interfere with My . Nothing can block it, stymie it, pause it. Nothing can make Me forget my , misplace it, lose it. No can shrink My , rough it up, cut it. No one can burn it, maim it, cover it up, erase it, undo it.

Of course, you get into cause and effect. You get into such thinking as: "If God loved me, he wouldn't have let that happen. He would have let me get that job, pass that test, and keep my wife by my side forever." And so the doubt of "if" enters the picture. You are sure that if God loved you, He wouldn't have allowed this or that to happen. The fact is I do love you. I love you immeasurably. That I love does not always mean you receive what you want. It does not mean that I will always please you. At the same time, you don't have to suffer. Whatever happens is just a short jog in the road. It is not forever as you seem to feel it is.

Beloveds, pleasing you and loving you are not the same. you love will die. Even you. Sooner or later, even you. will leave you, and else won't leave you. Milk will spill, and will have a boo-boo. What else is new, beloveds?

Regardless, the foundation of life is strong. It is the strongest of the strong. It is eternal and infinite. Compared to Eternity and Infinity, the most difficult heartbreak in your life is nothing at all, a little blip, a little peep. Know the strength you are built on.

Every day of your life, you are learning unattachment. The day doesn't stay. It leaves. Sooner or later, everything leaves, or you leave. The body does not have eternal life, yet you do. You, the Being I am speaking to, you have eternal life. You couldn't die if you tried. I supposed we could say that your loved ones you mourn for are MIA, missing in action. Just the same, they are right here with Me, safe and sound. It is not even a question about whether you will have them back. You have them now. You have their love now. You have their love now more than ever because there is no Earth life to get in their way of loving you. No more squabbles. Life is good. Life is very good. No need for you to suffer from the natural course of life.

At the same time as life is at your beck and , life is not at your beck and . Life is not your indentured servant. Like you, life has a life of its own. Life has its own way of doing things. Life has its own timing. Life has its own spacing. Life itself is not attached. You are attached, and, yet, you are learning to let go. Life will always teach you that. Attachment is a hindrance. Letting go is a blessing. Bless yourself with letting go. You can do it. You have to do it. Might as well do it now. At least, stop fighting it. You don't have to hold on so tight. You don't have to hold on at all!

You can't fall. You can only rise.

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