God said:

Stay away from buying too many appurtenances. They take up too much of your time. Buying things can be a hobby, and when you finish, what will you occupy yourself with then?

You, who want so much say in your life, often do not take advantage when you could. You could simplify your life. You could be less involved in all that you involve yourself in. Watch it that you don't get carried away.

Of course, you may have been looking to be carried away. You may have waited for a to take you away for a long time, and, when he did not surface, you found something else to take you away from yourself.

Spend some time with yourself. Is it really so hard? You will find you like yourself when you get to know you. You have been avoiding yourself. with the assumption that you are lovely, and look for your attributes.

Spending money is fun. Spending time getting to know yourself is also fun. You are quite a character. Absolutely, there is no need for you to run away from yourself. Beneath your frittering away lies your of gold.

Have fun but not at your expense. Is what you spend your life on really what you want to spend your life on? A life well-spent? What would be a life well-spent? Not so much attention on yourself and surface desires. There is more to life than what you may spend your time and money on.

What are you waiting for, beloveds? Take a good look at your life instead of dancing around it. Start thinking about life as one for you, and one for Me. One for Me can mean your neighbor down the street or a child without shoes.

Make love happen. You want more love than love for pretty things. Your value isn't in the pretty things you choose. You might as well have pretty things while you're at it, yet you don't want to sequester your life on pretty things.

That brings us to service. After a while, it gets tiresome to spend so much time on yourself and what makes you happy. You will be happier when you help someone else. What are you good at? Be good at it for someone else as well. Sow happiness for someone, and you will reap a crop of happiness that you also share with others.

The thing is you don't want to be self-centered. It gets tiresome. Indolence gets tiresome. Do something you have never done before. Do something for someone else that you have never done before. Be a secret giver. Give in secret so that no one has to thank you. People are not always grateful for favors. They might rather be the one doing a favor for someone else. But of course they can. Let them learn from you whether they know it's you they learn from or not.

Now is time for you to learn . Take all you can from life. Just be sure that you give back. It's better not to spend all your money on yourself. Surprise someone with a , with something that means something to their heart. The doesn't have to be big. Even if you are struggling, you will struggle less when you share what you have. Something little can mean a lot. There is no reason for you to justify self-centeredness. Of course, generosity.

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