God said:

There is one thing to focus on in life, and that is on Me, for focus on Me is focus on love, and focus on love is service.

You are to serve everyone. You do serve everyone by your thoughts and deeds. You are serving right now. Serve well, beloved ones.

You are not able to adore everyone. There is not everyone that you can lavish true affection on. Nevertheless, no from what distance, you can neutralize any discontent from your . You do not have to cast blame or . It is even great love to let someone go from your so that you have no obstacles to the nature of your own which is love.

There may be people who have "done you wrong," and, still, you do not have to harbor them in your heart. Let them go. Bless them to Me, and let them go from you. Antagonisms are little wisps of smoke. Let the wisps go up to and disappear. I will transmute them. What a beautiful agent of love you are when you can let pinpricks in your heart go. Beloveds, anything that is not love is a mere pinprick. Whatever offense has ever been done to you or any offense you have ever given anyone, any lingering in your heart has to find its way out. Tell it: "Sayonara, ill feelings. You don't belong here. You don't belong anywhere."

Why, sometimes your mind goes back to first grade and a slight that was done to you. It was not right. It should not have happened, true. Nor should you be hanging on to this outdated offense, making it alive until this day. You have said to yourself, "I just can't get rid of you, negative thought." And so you keep it alive. It is time now to see off any smidgeon of ill-will. Ill-will is not to be allowed, for it sours your stomach and curdles your heart.

Remove ill-will from your heart. reach into your heart and pull out ill-will. Picture yourself picking up each piece of negativity with your fingers and blowing it away with your breath as you might a butterfly.

Take the time to do this. You may think you have a bottomless pit of negativity moiled in your heart. Take out each piece one by one. There is a bottomless pit of love in your heart. Love goes deep. Let Us call it a mountain of love, an ocean of love, a sky of love, a Heaven of love. Why, any negativity in your heart is just a whippersnapper. It is a little ash. It is a No in your heart that wants to linger, for what would not want to be in your heart? Yet the only thing that has the right to be there is love. Anything else but love has to go.

Surely, you haven't thought that you need to keep anything in your heart that is not love. You haven't thought that anger fires you up and sees you through life? Begin to know deeply that anything but love is of no use to you or anyone. Negativity, no matter how small, is a naysayer. In fact, all negativity is small. That's why it likes to add fuel to the fire. It wants to blaze and make smoke and infuriate you again and again. Kick it out. Tell negativity it has overstayed its welcome. No longer will you stand for such nonsense.

Gently pick up each flake of negativity and blow it away. See how much lighter you feel. You have renounced negativity, and you have lessened its hold on the world.

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