God said:

This thing of love is a bond. It is a bond that builds, and it is a bond that frees. Because there is Oneness, love is huge. Love may have many petals yet it is One Big Flower. Love is so big that it fills up the Universe. Love fills you up too. In every cell of your Being, there is love. In every pore of your Being, there is love. In every fiber of your Being, there is love. The flame of love is Eternal. Love reaches everywhere. Love comes from everywhere. There is nowhere where love is not.

Even the antipathy of love is love. Even anger is a form of love. Even in anger, there is a strong awareness of love. Anger says angrily: "There is supposed to be love. I have just become aware that an individual or a group aren't me. They think of me. They 't care about me. They are opposed to me when they are supposed to love me. I protest their not me. I shall never love them either. They would wish to destroy my in love. I batten down my heart and keep them out."

And this is how love is put in a vise.

War, which is group anger, is a mass protest. "We are an independent country. We deserve to be loved and understood and valued. We will fight for our right to be loved to the very end. This is how much we believe in love." And so war shoots at love.

Betrayed love says: "If I am not , then you will not be . If I am not loved, you will not be loved. I will show you my anger. You will not desist from loving me so easily."

And you speak of righteous anger, justified anger. This is world thinking. No matter how justified your anger, no matter how wronged you or your country has been, no matter how overlooked, thought little of, unappreciated, no matter how extravagant the offense, anger does not do you good. It does not do well by you. It does not stand you in good stead. Anger is a flare-up of . Anger by itself burns holes in your heart.

Please understand. I do not say the other party is right. Not at all. No one is to dispense with love. No one is to hide his love behind anger. Unless anger is dispensed with, you become copycats, each trying to outdo the other in anger.

Anger does not solve. Anger is ego-based, beloveds. Yes, you are a human being who feels that you are a of anger. Anger came upon you. And, yet, I ask, can you not respond from wisdom rather than from anger? Wisdom is sensible. Anger is insensible. Anger goes beyond all sense. Somehow you have to out of anger.

This does not mean resignation.

Sometimes you deal with bullies. Sometimes you deal with wolves in sheep's' clothing. Sometimes you are mistaken, and sometimes you are not. Yet, in all situations, anger is not your . You don't want to listen to anger.

Sometimes you don't know how to calm anger down. Sometimes you don't want to. Sometimes you want to be right at any cost. Sometimes anger takes over your heart. Anger carries you away.

You may be right in your appraisal, yet why call anger to you? I am not telling you to be a jellyfish. I am telling you to find a way to leave anger. For your own sake, I ask you to let anger go. Anger does not to you. Anger is not your friend. It has no charm. Let it go. Life goes better without anger.


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