God said:

Peace is desirable. Peace is not boring. I repeat, peace is not boring. Peace is not gushing. Love is not gushing. Peace and love are a strong united force that lift the Universe and lift you. We can call peace and love two pillars that hold up the beautiful Earth I made and gave to you to dance on. Peace and love lift your awareness to heights where they belong and, in truth, already are.

The opposite of peace and love are noise, static, interference. You might call noise . is agitation, beloveds. takes you away from true awareness. You find stimulating and powerful. Far more stimulating and powerful are peace and love.

You confuse peace with sameness. You confuse love with fire. Love is peaceful. Enlivenment arises from love. From excitement a let-down occurs.

Have you thought that in My there is excitement? Do you think I have moiling and toiling in My ? Do you think that My is a cauldron of boiling fat emitting fiery sparks? What do you think My contains? My is a steady giant. It takes great strides in stillness. My holds steady. It does not jump up and down. My stays where it is. It moves mountains without even moving.

Do you think that panting breath and red-hot ears serve you? Do you think that a fast pace is the way to ? Better to walk. The ambling of peace and love is faster than any hot rod.

Peace and love move you faster because they support you and put you together. The racing of excitement topples you. You go from high to low. Peace and love actually move at the speed of light and plant you in serene Stillness.

You may have thought that life is made of excitement from one peak to another. Excitement just isn't enough fuel for you. Excitement has to run down. Excitement is a voracious eater of fuel. Excitement cannot sustain itself. It is quick-fire. It is a . It is a in the pan.

Give Me the solidity of peace and love. Of course, I have them. And, of course, I give them. I give them away. I give peace and love away freely. Just for the asking. You don't even have to ask. Just receive. Just accept.

For as long as you think excitement is more valuable than peace and quiet love, you will have excitement. Excitement too often comes from a false promise. Even when you get all the excitement you want, it is gone, and you are left with your hands empty.

Let's your heart with peace and love. First, know that peace and love are more valuable than winning at a casino. When you think excitement is more valuable than peace and love, you will have excitement. Something will be given, and something will be taken away. Excitement taunts you, beloveds. It empties you whereas peace and love you and keep you full.

Boredom comes from living on the sheerest surface of life. If you suffer boredom, you suffer from passivity. You, perhaps, have been waiting to be entertained. You pay too high a price for entertainment.

Wrest from life that which you enjoy. Yet all of life is not hop-scotch. All of life is not jumping here and there on one foot. The two feet are peace and love, and they are monumental. They are not from the outside. They are from the inside. They are from your heart of cooling waters. They are from the Heart of God. There is always plenty more where peace and love come from. Take your fill now. The way you tank your car, come to the station of peace and love.

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