God said:

Where do I, God, come from, and what do I say? You who are My thought are made in My image, and so, it seems to you, We are counterpoint.

Nor is it exactly that We are interchangeable. How can One be interchangeable? With what would God interchange? For the purposes of conversation, we say that I AM I and you are you, and yet, the Reality is that We are One. This is mindboggling to you. It is everyday occurrence to Me, though of course it is not an occurrence. An occurrence is something that happens in space and time, and We are not talking about space and time.

You say that you can't be One with Me because I, God, know much more than you seem to know. I, God, have a wisdom and love that seem to elude you. There is no contest so far as you can see.

I, God, am impartial in that I love across the board. You, the person that you see as a fragment of Me, are very partial. Here We come to the crux of the difference between and . Heaven is infinite, and you have specialized in the finite on . You yearn for Heaven, and you plow on .

You have specialized in Earth. You have specialized so much that you cannot even conceive of the brilliance that you are and all that you contain.

You have heard that you do not live up to your potential, that perhaps you live up to five or so percent of your potential. Beloveds, your potential is infinite. There is not even a percentage that can be set on it. You shrug your shoulders. And yet what wonders have not a mere per cent brought to the world? And yet the infinite is within you, infinite potential, yet you must not really believe in that or you would not be bogged down in whatever you are bogged down in now.

You use a small part of your potential because you have been a copycat on Earth. You have copied those around you. You have investigated the finite. You set limits around everything, , , . Because of self-imposed limits, of course, you see Me as running circles around you. Remove your blinders. You have not been seeing beyond your flesh and bone. The flesh and bone are like a screensaver. The screensaver merely keeps you in place.

The real flesh and bone of you is consciousness, and I am telling you that you have My consciousness. Is there anyone else's consciousness around here?

Your consciousness has been focused on hair restoration, on youth, on superficial beauty and basic survival of and ego and not so much on the heights of consciousness. You climb the surface and let go of the heights and depths without much thought. You see your potential fly away without a protest. You give up on yourself. You dismiss the possibility that you are greater than you know. You accept smallness. You make a small pot of soup when you could stir the world.

You may think it would be arrogant of you to aspire to the love and wisdom which are yours, that I know are yours and that you don't yet believe in the possibility of. How arrogant it is of you to think you cannot reach Heaven while you are still in a body. How elementally arrogant of you. There is nothing more humble than believing Me when I hold out a ladder to you and ask you to climb it and keep company with Me as My One Self.

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