God said:

You are My buttercup, and I fill you to the brim with the nectar of love. And now love is for you to spend. Overflowing love overflows, and you are not to stop it. That is what being innocent means. You do not give thought to loving. You love. Externals are not so meaningful to you. Giving love is meaningful. Instead of courting people, you court love. Side by side, hand in hand, love and you keep company. You are in the company of God Who is Love.

I am the precursor of love. I am the love poured into your , and you are to give Me away splendidly. By giving My love away, that is how you retain Me. I am the retainer of love. Spend Me. Spend Me lavishly. There is always more of Me.

That which is held flees. That which is let go keeps.

I do not hold on to you tightly. I gave you free will. I gave you free will gladly. There is no other way to keep you. I have no leash on you, beloveds. Therefore, you desire to come closer. You want to play in My green pastures. You want to spend My heart as I so desire you to do. Spend love. There is no cost.

Spend love the way rain nourishes the . Spend love the way the sun shines on . Sun and rain give themselves. They are rapture.

Love is not hesitant. Love gives of itself. It gives fully. Love is caring, not careless. It is not stingy. It doesn't keep track. It does not segregate. It congregates. It does not tease. Love does not spoil. It pours so it is always fresh. Love is not indulgence. Love simply pours itself out.

Which of you has had too much love? Which of you has had enough love? Which of you knew My love right along? I am a constant outpouring of love. I am always rife with love. I spend love so marvelously. It is no expense to spend love. It is a treat. It is entering a waterfall and cooling off from anything that does not fill the human heart.

I have said that everything is a form of love, yet let Us pour pure love. Love is not so much action. It is Being. Love is like a bird singing. A bird sings from love. A bird does not talk of love. He sings it. Let your heart be a bird that sings love.

A bird does not limit his audience. He sings to all within his radius. Sing your love the same. All are within your radius. There is no one and nothing in the world that is not in the radius of your love.

You are either giving out love, or you are looking for it. Give out love. Let it pour from you, and you will replenish yourself. Love out is love in. There is no discrimination when it comes to love. If you are not feeling loved, spend more, and you will receive your love in a million ways. At the same time, what you receive is not the question. What you give is the question, and it is not meant to be a question at all. Just give.

Giving love does not hurt. Giving love and naming a return may hurt. Love is not meant to be given with a binder. Love for the joy of loving. Love here, love there, love everywhere. Expand your heart. Welcome the Universe to your heart of love.

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