God said:

The saying, To Your Own Be True, means what it says. Even the greatest wisdom, when it is not truly yours, is from the outside and therefore pasted on. Anyone can memorize a line or two. You can repeat something true and beautiful that is not yet true to your own .

I do not mean you are to cast true and beautiful wisdom aside. No, not at all. Keep it close to you. At the same time, because you may know words and appreciate them, stay away from the illusion that they are true to your own heart. It is very good that you want a beautiful truth to be true to your heart. Oh, yes, keep wanting it, and one day you will notice that beautiful truth is true to your own heart, and what a difference that is. When words are true to your heart, you automatically live them. You don't have to think them any longer. They are a part of Who you are and cannot be separated from your heart. The words have become your heart. They are your Truth.

You can say: "I love everyone." In terms of yourself as a human being, that may not yet be true. You would like it to be. You would love to feel positively toward everyone. And yet you are not yet in that place. Oh, you will be. Yes, indeed, you will be. It's just that it hasn't altogether happened yet. Your is strong, and your will win, and the world around you will win. How lovely to accept everyone as he is and not kick someone or another out of your heart. When you disallow others entrance to your heart, you make them a displaced person.

You are going in the direction of allowing everyone entrance into your heart. You don't have to make everyone a bosom buddy, and yet you do not evict them. There perhaps have been times that you would evict someone from the world, if you could, and from your own life certainly. In those cases where you would evict someone to whatever degree, evict the from your heart. has to be kicked out. That cannot be kept. Remove the splinter from your own eye.

The path of negativity is filled with thorns. It is not a path for you to go on. Turn back.

Of course, you are for love. You are not against love. You are against love only in certain circumstances.

If you can get into neutral, that is wonderful. Someone may bother you and not be healthy for you, yet, how wonderful it would be to stop letting thoughts of him or her intrude and damage your heart. No matter how justified you may be, it is not justifiable to hurt your own heart. That is what negativity does. You do not want to be a glutton of negativity. You do not even want tiny samples of it. You don't want it at all. Negativity is sludge.

Just the way you might polish shoes, polish your heart. Clean it up and make your heart bright and shiny. Your heart does not want to carry any ill-will. It will be an enormous load off your heart when you can dissolve ashes of negativity from it. I will help you.

I will deliver a truck to your heart right now. And I also give you a magic broom. This magic broom is like a magnet. It is a programmed broom. It works automatically. All you have to do is to start it. Once you start it, no negativity can resist it. Let this robot broom I give you sweep negativity out of your heart into the waiting dump truck. Keep sweeping. Layer and layer of what does not belong in your heart will go until you reach the inner walls of your heart and all its beauty, and no further negativity can ever get in.

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