God said:

Pull up the anchor from your . Your is not meant to be anchored. There are to be no heavy weights in your . Your is meant to be as light as a bird and free to fly as high as high can be.

Admit that you have burdened your heart, and now it is for you to unburden it. Pull those anchors up. Pull those ropes. Release the anchors from your heart. Just a little more, beloveds, and you will be done.

True, it may be hard work to pull them up, especially after all these years, and, yet, you can do it. No one is going to pull them up for you. You have to heave ho and get those rusted anchors up to the surface. You have to untie them from your heart. Too much has been tied to your heart. Your heart, your , is meant to be weightless. Your heart is not meant to be weighed down. Your heart is not meant to carry burdens. Lift that barge. Tote that bale.

How can you fly when your heart is weighed down with rusted anchors and tons of coal and ashes of what has burned in your heart? Kiss your heart now. Love your heart. Your heart is not guilty for what you have kept in it. Your heart is innocent. You assigned duties to your heart that are not natural to it. Did you think your heart really was for interring the past? It is not even really the past that your heart has interred. The past is nothing. Your thoughts and interpretations are something else. You imagined events, you interpreted events, and you laid them in your heart. You covered them with leaves, and said: "Fester there. Stay there buried." And you threw a few more moldy leaves on top of thoughts that were not yours to keep. Your beautiful heart became a ceremonial casket for illusory duels that you fought with yourself.

The was not solid enough for you, and, so, you solidified your heart. Hearts are meant to be soft. They are meant to be burgeoning flowers that blow in the breeze and look to the sun. Wisteria is not meant to be wistful. Hearts are not meant to heave anger. Hearts are meant to foster love and nothing else but love. No exceptions.

Throw out regrets as well. Throw out the happenstances that you have denounced and yet kept in your heart. You kept wounds. You bandaged them, and yet you picked at them and kept the wounds nourished as if in cold storage. You wounded your heart, and you kept the wounds to yourself like precious mementos of past bleeding.

Pick up your heart now and love it. Let your heart be love. Let your heart be the love you never had, or the love that was wrested from your heart. Keep not your heart for ransom. Do not let it be a scapegoat for the ignorance seeming others seem to have heaped on you.

The weighted anchors you have kept in your heart have been held by chains. These chains are not even memories. Remembered or not, you have kept crates of crimes perpetuated against you. You took part in a story, and you held it to your heart. Relieve your heart of those stories. Let go of them. Find better stories. Write better stories. Start fresh.

"Once upon a time there was a human being who took out torn remnants from his heart. The human being walked out of the past and began anew. He walked in gladness. He embraced gladness. He sprinkled the Earth with gladness."

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