God said:

If you were not on , if you had no , no physical existence, living would be seamless. There would be no disagreements, no annoying habits, no interference to peace and love. There would be no loss. There would be no bumping into each other, no tripping, no obstacles, no getting in the way of yourself or a seeming another. There would be no tugging and pulling or pushing or averting.

What could souls possibly find difficult in relationships? What annoying habits could there be except in a physical word? How could there be overly-loud radios or bad taste or anything to look at that you would not find alluring if you were not in the sentient world?

You are bright souls in the guise of human beings. You are topped with the five senses. You have bodies you move in. Ah, there is time and space. They have you in their grip.

Time and space, therein lies the rub.

Within time and space is immeasurable beauty and the perceived opposite. Life on Earth is a mixed bag. This is the world for you.

Of course, your never stubs its toe! It doesn't drop things. It doesn't get in hot water. It never has indigestion. It never is undecided, not knowing which way to go.

Your soul never has bills to pay or car trouble or spam. Without the physical body, you wouldn't know stumbling blocks.

As it is, you have the physical which takes up space. Seen from another angle, this imaginary space you traverse and your motion on Earth become the notion of time.

Both discomfort and joy come from the concepts of time and space. Time and space give you trouble. They give you multiplicity. They give you directions to move in and ways to go and ways not to go and waves of time that precede and follow you. Time and space also give you a wondrousness and expansion beyond your belief.

When you were given your and sent forth on the Earth, you were given incredible opportunity to experience limitless opportunity. The is your vehicle for opportunity and experience. The flesh and blood has its attributes. With your body, you perceive. You perceive sunrise and sunset, smiles, babies, children, , music, art. You perceive inexpressible beauty, and you also perceive the unbeautiful. Both the beautiful and the unbeautiful give you pause.

Within the framework of your human body, you work on acceptance and resistance. Acceptance and resistance are possible by virtue of the free will I gave you. Free Will is a blessing, and it is also a challenge.

Free will is a kind of Open Sesame. Life on Earth is a hunting season, so to speak. Within a thick forest of relative life, you seek to find your way. Glimmers of the sun peek into the forest. And more and more. And then, gradually or suddenly, you reach the open plain or the Ocean. You reach Vastness where there are no contradictions any longer.

On Earth you have encounters with yourself. We could call them struggles or battles. You have dueled with yourself or a shadow of yourself. Now you can look forward to finally and truly meeting Yourself, coming into your own, and no longer being immersed in contradiction, for in Wholeness, beloveds, there is no contradiction. Heretofore, you have had the semblance of contradiction. In Oneness, there is not only no contradiction, you couldn't see it if you tried. Of course, you have no desire to try. When you are alive in Oneness, what possible use would contradiction be to you?

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