20 November 2011


Dear ones we come to guide and support as the new energies unfold across . Many of YOU are now beginning to find your feet once more as the energies begin to be anchored deep within YOU. We are the and we come to help guide and support YOU through the new energies.

We wish to guide on the process of grounding energies and we guide that many are walking in illusion around this process that is vital in the coming unfolding of the new. As we have guided previously illusion teaches even within the ascension process and this is beginning to become apparent across the planet. Many are now holding on to that which must be released as the old dissolves and the new unfolds. The ways of BEing on have changed dear ones and the old energies dissolve. Much of what was “supported” in the old energies is NOT support in the new energies and many are struggling.

There are many teachings across the planet earth and our guidance is and always will be for each human BEing to process the guidance from all realms within the heart. For the heart knows TRUTH and will lead you out of illusion. The logical mind will take you further back into illusion and in many cases will blind your vision and dull YOUr hearing to that which is TRUTH.

We wish to guide in particular within the field of GROUNDING OF ENERGIES. We are aware of many teachings across the planet earth in relation to the grounding process and we wish to help YOU move through this. Grounding is vital for every human BEing alive on the planet. Whilst YOU walk in human form YOU are connecting to the consciousness that is YOUr mother, mother earth is alive and conscious and YOU walk the planet in the form of a child of . This for many is an illusion wrapped up in a present. For many walk the planet and claim allegiance to whilst ignoring her and reaching for the stars. We guide strongly for all to detach from this teaching for it is borne of illusion.

Human BEings are the bridges that are between the stars and the planet earth, each one of YOU moving through the human life experience and moving through the emotional states that occur whilst YOU inhabit a human body. Anchoring into the earth is vital for YOU to stay balanced and awake and able to move through the human life experience. Many human BEings alive across the planet are able to accept the TRUTH of their planetary origins and we applaud this. Many trapped in the lower energies of illusion are not able to process this TRUTH and we ask that YOU hold love and compassion for them at all times. Many who are able to process the TRUTH of their heritage are still in illusion for many of the teachings of illusion are around how to process the higher vibrational frequencies that need anchored when processing heritage.

We ask the following questions not to judge nor to lead for neither is our role, we ask simply for YOU to be open to the answers. Each of YOU here is in human form, this incarnation accepted and chosen by the that is YOU to enable YOU to walk on this planet IN human form. That human form is connected to the and the consciousness which is planet earth. YOU ARE SHE and SHE IS YOU. This TRUTH is one that should be processed fully by the heart. Many are reaching for the stars and are not anchoring. Much illusion is around the whole concept of grounding with much teaching stating that higher vibrational states do not need to anchor.

We draw YOUr attention once more to the fact that YOU walk the planet earth IN human form. To be able to react to mother earth and her teachings as YOU are a child of the planet when IN human form YOU must be able to hear mother earth. If YOU are not anchored and grounded then YOU will be deaf to the guidance of YOUr mother, for YOU will not be anchored into the consciousness that IS planet earth.

Many are stuck in the illusion of escaping and we guide that to escape is not an option in human form. YOU walk in human form for a reason dear ones, that reason is seeded within the heart on incarnation onto the planet earth. ALL human BEings came from the stars for planet earth was seeded from the universe but the walk in human form is to help move the consciousness of planet earth upwards and onwards. This is not done by escaping from the human body dear ones and we guide for ALL to process this through the heart.

Much of what many humans have to do across the planet earth, the gifts if you will that they carry are to be shared in human form. The energy which is YOU has chosen this human life experience to help ALL of human consciousness at this time. The gifts are found by going into the heart space and listening. To not be grounded will see your logical mind take over and that will lead you deep into the illusion of ego and “knowing better”. We guide for all to be aware of this. Much like small children who refuse to listen to their mother as “they know best” many are walking this path and finding the frustration arise within them that they fuelled by not grounding. For only by grounding can you move forward dear ones, for the logical mind will keep you bound in chains going around in circles. It is not the organ to FEEL this human life experience with, that is the role of the heart. Those who move into the mind will see the mind come up with various scenarios that keep them in a holding pattern of thinking. This is illusion dear ones and we guide for all to detach from this.

By anchoring deep into planet earth YOU are able to draw strength and nourishment from mother earth, YOU can clearly hear her and she showers YOU with the strength to see and hear that which will move YOU into the sharing of the gifts that YOU brought to this planet to help YOUr fellow human BEings and ultimately Gaia. The information that many of YOU can bring through may be from the stars as many are now awakening and remembering their origins but YOU cannot help YOUr mother if you do not hear her. Do you understand our guidance dear ones? Do you see how illusion robs YOU of the power that IS YOU by pushing YOU back into the mind centred life experience?

The if not grounded will move upwards and the energies will flow around the top half of the . Whilst this may mean lots of wonderful information flows through and is able to be processed by YOU it does not enable YOU to move through the life experience and to FEEL balanced and energised. If YOU view for one moment the bridge that YOU are, the energies flowing upward into the body and flowing downward from the stars, the energies of both balancing within YOU. The power that flows clearly through YOU as YOU are in balance.

The balance is important dear ones, YOU cannot be in balance if YOU deny YOUr earthly existence any more than YOU can be in balance by claiming allegiance only to planet earth. BOTH are TRUTH.

We do not walk the planet earth in human form as that is not our role at this time, we walk the planet as the energy that we are, the only difference between YOU and us is the human body and that is there for a reason dear ones. We fully appreciate that for many illusion teaches deeply and that the human life experience lived within illusion may be a hard one that is full of pain but that is illusion and can be moved out of. The route to this dear ones is to anchor fully into the mother that is the strength and protection of YOU in human form.

We fully appreciate how our guidance may trigger and we guide that if it does trigger then look beneath the emotion that arises within YOU to see the teaching of illusion that is driving that emotion. For no lower energy emotion can survive without fuel and the fuel is the teaching that has been anchored by the human concerned.

We are the High Council of Orion and we walk with each and every one of YOU as YOU move into the new energies. We guide for all to be aware that the planet earth has changed and as a result YOU in human form as her children will also change, for SHE is YOU and YOU are SHE. ALL ARE ONE.

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