1 November 2011

Channeler: MysticBlack


Monitor your thoughts, words, deeds and actions for the following clues:


Feelings of inferiority or superiority over others will most often manifest as a two-edged sword, meaning both feelings may exist simultaneouly. For example: One who feels inferior, perhaps in his performance of some action or deed, may feel inferior because he has failed to be superior in his own eyes. Somewhere within his ALTERED exists the Anti-Christ setting for him levels of performance perhaps beyond his current capabilities. He then will fight for the rightful superiority he is given to believe he has over others and thus continues to set himself up for failure in his own eyes. This is where the term "Competition" defined as: Striving against another or others for some object has been distorted in society in such a way where one's personal worth as a human being is measured against his performance against others rather than perfecting his "personal best", which is striving in personal ability beyond self-imposed limits.

And so it goes that one who is chided by the Anti-Christ within to feel superior to others will draw from his feelings of not wanting to be inferior, which often times translates to him as rejection of his and unworthiness. This is where fear enters the picture and brings us to our next point.


It is very simple how this is done. The Anti-Christ keeps your altered ego in PAST-GUILT ORIENTATION or FUTURE-FEAR ORIENTATION. This is how your reality manifestation abilites are controlled.

As you wallow around in your past, re-living experiences with regret and self pity, you cannot work in the present moment to change or create more desirable circumstances. This is why many of you may have heard the great wisdom of FORGIVENESS and RELEASE of all past emotional and physical thoughts, words and deeds. One must forgive self and all others. (Remember that this does not mean that you don't garner the wisdom of knowledge in Truth from the lessons of the experience, because that is why you created the experience in the first place–to grow in your awareness of THE TRUTH. The same rule about past-orientation is true for those who SPEND COUNTLESS hours in re-living pleasant past memories at the expense of living in and creating the "now". A rather appropritate cliche along this line says, "It's alright to look back, just don't stare".

Now, Future-Fear orientation is a big stumbling block for most all of humanity. Fear, in itself is a great seperator of the human creature from his Creator. Fear is the biggest tool of the Anti-Christ within. Since the Highest Command of The is to "Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow all the laws of The ", then it stands to reason that recognizing the Truth in all things, including your IMMORTAL connection with GOD, will vanquish from your being any fear of some future experience, since you as an immortal-soul God Fragment ARE the MASTER of your destiny. You see, fear paralyzes the senses and only an manifest within the being if he sees himself as seperate from his creator rather than a fragment of the ONE. It is this ILLUSION of being separate from the ONE that has trapped humans within the false bondage of fear.. If one recognizes the Truth and is willing to see the manifested illusion as it really is, one will see the natural balance and inner peace that is achieved by TRUSTING the Father within, and wisely following the Laws of Balance given by God and The .

This now brings us to the point of remembering and understanding THE LAW OF ONE. All beings and creations are EQUAL in the reflection of God, only each is different in ablilities, talents and beingness as an expression to the ONE. You see, there cannot exist any seperation, all come from the ONE great source of all, THE CREATION and all will return to our source, THE ONE. Humans exist as individual fragments of the whole, a fragment of and, if you will, seeded with all unlimited potential of God-awareness and wisdom. When we LOVE the essence of within all there is no longer any illusion of seperation. We are simply honoring GOD within ourselves and all others. We are no longer are seperated by our fears and unworthiness. We are God's expressions of , we ARE the SPIRIT OF ITSELF.


For example, it is not your fault that your husband is an alcoholic and beats you, or that your parents abandoned you, or that you were fired from your job, or that your government leaders are corrupt, or that we have gone to war and on and on and on.

What the Anti-Christ within is actually telling YOU is that you are not responsible for the experiences in your manifested reality. This false belief causes you to cast BLAME on another or others and not take personal responsibilty for YOU creating the manifested experience through the influence of the Anti-Christ within you.

Ones will often times argue with this truth and say, "Well, I cannot control the free-will of another who chooses to be angry with me, or steal from me, how can I be responsible for the or actions of another?" It is true YOU are not responsible for the free-will of another, BUT you ARE responsible for "buying into" THEIR games and making yourself a VICTIM to it. YOU choose how you will RESPOND in ALL circumstances. Remember THE LAW OF THE ONE? The Anti-Christ within THEM is the same Anti-Christ that YOU choose to allow to exist within you. The Anti-Christ is looking for a place to reflect itself, and YOU choose whether or not you will reflect back the Anti-Christ or whether you will recognize the trap and instead reflect back the Divine Love of the Father Within which therefore leaves the Anti-Christ nowhere to roost within YOUR temple of GOD.

Here is a portion of a most wondrous prayer by Hatonn which is helpful to remember in your daily communion with God and in times when you feel you could be lured into the Anti-Christ drama of another. "Father, let me always allow YOUR will to manifest through me that I stand in judgment of no man and yet wisely that which is given in action against YOUR HOLY PRESENCE."

(Hatonn: Oh yes, I hear you–* if YOUR higher self is God, Hatonn–then how can you speak and say how to speak to God?" Simple–because I, therefore, know that which God hears and honors–just as so should YOU! Let us put it this way"…if the message of the horse comes directly from that horse's mouth…..!!?"

You see, whether you are aware of it or not, you are unconsciously manifesting ALL within your scope of reality mostly with your "altered" ego. The beautiful thing about his truth is that when it is realized, one can become a conscious creator of a truly balanced manifested experience by surrendering his altered ego to the loving Divine God within him and so thereby balancing all of his creaion within the Laws of God and The Creation.


Of course, you know by now self-punishment is encouraged for "past" sins (errors). Which is really your altered ego unworthiness (inferiority/superiority) which we discussed earlier, expressing itself in the following ways: Criticism of self and others, greed, lust, jealousy, envy, guilt, shame, self doubt, depression, helplessness, anger, hatred, resentment, impatience which leads to frustration, illnesses and diseases which lead to the death wish of the body. Self-punishment is the effect of the cause of believing the lies of the Anti-Christ. This may continue, life-time after life-time, the poor immortal soul becomes self-locked onto the wheel of reincarnations (Hatonn: Oh yes there IS! And if you believe otherwise, so be it for it is you who are the misinformed. Reincarnation does not necessarily mean that you return to this placement, even–but if you do not believe in reincarnation (re-experience of the soul in manifestation–somewhere) then by deductions taken further–you DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD'S HEAVENLY REALMS, EITHER. You cannot have one without the other and because this is such a powerful Truth, it was deliberately removed from the books you, as humans, would call your Holy Books in form of the Holy Bible as you label it. The fact remains in the ancient teaching and you ones, this day, are facing an enemy who DOES know of life experience after this one and KNOWS this is but a passing experience.) and seeks to punish himself for his perceived sins of the past in hopes of redeeming himself to his Creator God. If he just understood the power and importance of forgiveness and release of his "past" and adhering to the laws set forth by God and The Creation, he would be free of his bondage in an instant.

Yes, God created "Cause and Effect" so that each soul could grow in his awareness and become empowered with the true responsibility he has of his thoughts, words, deeds and actions. In other words, so that he could recognize his power and the importance of responsible God-Balanced manifestation.


For example, the law of God which says, "THOU SHALT NOT KILL". This means in your THOUGHTS as well as your deeds you shall not wish death upon another human being of God. This rule does not mean you cannot defend yourself if your life if threatened, because that is suicide and also against the laws of God.

This also means that by becoming pregnant, which is being the vehicle of one of God's new creations, and having an abortion because of YOUR irresponsible sexual behavior, it is still MURDER any way you look at it. Remember "personal responsibility"! There are definitely many possibly undesirable "effects" to illicit and wanton lustful sexual activity. Pregnancy and disease are two obvious results which do and have occurred more often than not.


Your desires for those things and "possessions" of the material world include not only physical manifested "things" of the material world, such as a television, house, car and money, but also emotional desires such as sexual conquest, marriage, children, friendship, acceptance, recognition and worship. The Anti-Christ within will keep you always seeking outside yourself for the false promise of fulfillment with more, bigger and better "things". And as the poor soul readily jumps on the treadmill of unfulfilling work to make the money he now needs to fulfill his desires, his soul pines away for something more, something just beyond his reach–if only he had more, money, a more prestigious job position, a bigger home, a newer car, more vacations–more, bigger, better. The false promise is never enough and it will not fulfill the cry of the soul to recognize and connect with the immortal spark of his Creator within. So the Anti-Christ will tell you to forget your problems, have some fun, relax, have a few drinks, take some drugs, you deserve it and can afford it now…and before long the dear God Fragment is shrouded in the darkness of addiction and misery.

So does this mean it is wrong to have things of the material world which you manifested? Not at all: God is abundance in all Kingdoms, but the catch is you cannot become attached to things of the material world and to your emotional desires. You are borrowing this wondrous physical body and all of the "things" of the manifested world will NOT go with you when you leave your body in whatever sort of transistion you earn. It is ONLY YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL THAT IS REAL IN THIS JOURNEY TO ONENESS WITHIN. All else is manifested illusion. However lovely and precious it is, it remains as the props and the backdrops for the players remaining. This is just ONE drama of billions fed by the Breath of Life from God and The Creation. And then again, it is really just ONE drama and we are but co-creators in the play of life unfolding.

So the key to releasing yourself from bondage to the material plane is to become DETACHED from it which is to disconnect from your attachments to "things" and emotional attachments as well. To become detached emotionally one must forgive and release (see #4) all pereceived transgressions upon self and tohers. This is not to say you have no care or compassion or Love–you absolutely DO and MUST have unconditional love of all beings and creations of GOD–(that IS their essences as existing as a part of the ONE)–but you must detach from all manifested illusions and emotions which weigh you down in vibration much like wet wool garments on your body.

7. Now there is one more point to ponder because many of you will and do ask, "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD IF I CAST OUT THE ANTI-CHRIST WITHIN ME AND THE REST OF HUMANITY REFUSES TO DO SO?"

It DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Because again, remember THE LAW OF ONE? Humanity and the creations of God are all related as a part of the ONE. Your manifested world is a DIRECT reflection of what exists within each of you. You each are a part of the pool of mass consciousness, which means you each are responsible for you portion of the whole. For example, a comparison can be made between the pollution which exists in the air, water and ground of this wondrous planet and the pollution of the Anti-Christ which YOU each support within yourselves. So for each one of you who recognizes and casts out the Anti-Christ within, you are essentially healing a portion of the disease of mass consciouness. YOU make a BIG difference by committing your will to the knowledge and wisdom of TRUTH in God's Kingdom. YOU become a part of the solution for healing the cesspool of darkness in mass consciousness, rather than remaining as a part of the problem. You see, you will then carry the Light of Truth and Wisdom of our Father within you and others are attracted to it, because it is the joy of the Spirit of LIFE itself and YOU become the vehicle for offering it to them. May YOUR candle of Love, Truth and Light deliver the Divine Spark of Understanding to ALL who await their call from HOLY GOD OF THE LIGHT AND OF THE CREATION! AMEN.

I am Hatonn, to close and stand aside while you take opportunity to think upon these things.

Salu and Adonai.

Journal #27
Page 68- 75