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Monday, 21 November, 2011  (posted 23 November, 2011)  

In this US we celebrate this week, a day when we give thanks for everything we have to be grateful for. While some may argue that it has become a highly commercialized, over dramatized front door to the Christmas shopping season, it is still a time for gathering, community, family and friends. Interestingly enough, Mercury goes retrograde on November 24, which is Day and we have a New Moon Solar eclipse on that date too. I think some family gatherings are going to be very dramatic and also very healing. Since 11-11-11 we have had some strong downloads that are supporting our to transform and ascend and if we haven't found the right time for that to happen, it may be delivered to us in very obvious ways this week.

With this month's message and newsletter topic on time, we are being given information to help us change our understanding of our place in the and any way in which we have limited our power. So often this occurs with the people we least expect as our most powerful and important teachers, those who have a karmic commitment to helping us grow. If they appear to be working harder than ever it's because we need to move beyond our karma and into present moment living. The earth, humanity and the need our gifts and energy to be used in new and different ways, which can't happen when we're stuck in our karma and karmic cycles.

This week you may find yourself at 'the end of the road' in one area of your life (or more), where you can't continue to do what you have already done and know that something else is possible, even if you aren't sure what that is. There are three ways to do anything – the old way, working harder at the old way, or doing something different. It takes as long as it takes to learn, integrate and align with any lesson and each of us accomplishes that in our own way and with our own timing. We often our results based on what we think is happening in other people's lives, which is often nowhere near the truth of what they are actually going through. We can use this week's energy to be easier on ourselves, to limit self judgment and learn some self appreciation. 

We do eventually arrive at a new and different outcome. Transformation is means 'changing form' and that is exactly what we are all doing, whether we are losing a job, relationship, protesting in the OWS movement, looking at new options or in the beginning stage of considering our general unhappiness and dissatisfaction. For the last week I have felt that 'something is happening' but I'm not sure what it is or what will happen. Having an intention for my life channels the energy flow towards what I want to manifest. Being open to 'this or something better' allows the best outcome to manifest. And having faith and trust in a benevolent Universe always keeps us aligned with our highest good and allows it to happen in the most perfect way.

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