2 November 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

Life is simple. And it is all about choice, and perceptions. When you go right down to its essence, nothing could be simpler. It is when you factor in all the structures, the rules and the systems created by humans that things get really complicated.

When you have sufficient food, shelter, clothing and the basic amenities of life – when all the physical, tangible needs are met, you are safe and love is present (love from the self and from others), then fulfilling your mission is a breeze… even if you have a day job.

Well it should. If your man-made world was simple, everything would be easier. It is not. So many rules, hierarchies, social classes and so on. All elements made to divide, separate.

Your world is what it is. By that We mean that it is important to be able to navigate in these illusionary structures. All changes come from within you see. They start with you individually, then the collective follows. Yelling and pointing fingers from outside does very little to bring about the uplifting changes you so desire. For being outside in that sense often implies … from both sides. Each thinking the other is wrong.

To cruise along these times, one often needs to be like being a chameleon on the outside, while being constant, staying true on the inside.

In your home, in all elements/aspects of your life you can adopt an effortless living approach to this .

Remove all the diversions of your that do nothing or very little to enhance your life. Eat what feels right to you and contributes to your well-being. Shape your life your way. Make it fully yours.

Yes, quite often you will stand out. But always while being respectful, compassionate. Like a beacon with a of gold.

And when you venture into the world, follow the rules of the road if you will. Wherever you work, you shop, you go. Whoever you meet, blend in while keeping your special touch. You will still be unmistakeably different for all you meet, but your difference will be appreciated – albeit not always out loud.

You can sail through the man-made world. See it for the illusion that it is, follow the flow of the majority while honouring reality/truth as you sense it.

Abide by the rules, but do not follow them blindly. You know what is right, what is true. Show others that there is another way just by being you, by being true.

"Nobody" likes to pet a crocodile. Not because it is dangerous, but because it is rough, uncomfortable, hard to the touch. People would much rather pet a cat, a dog or a bunny. They find the softness so warm, soothing. Delicateness and gentleness tends to win people over.

Be a bunny in your approach, not a crocodile (we all love all creatures equally – this is only for analogy purposes).

People are drawn to cute and cuddly things, it brings people closer together. It tugs at their heart strings you see…

And if you are able to navigate skillfully in the man-made world – that is follow the rules and honouring the truth that is you, then you can inspire change, softly.

By being calm. By casually mentioning new ways of doing things. By always having a clear mind and an open heart. By being how you want the world to be. All in gentleness and grace.

It is true that you do not have to be in the system to change it. Look at all the events in your past Earthly year. However, the transition, the shift is a lot smoother when in comes from within. A slow acceptance. Deliberate. A planted seed that grows.

You see, the collective is just like the individual. How open are you to change when it is forced upon you? Even if you already knew it was necessary, you often resist it because it was imposed. Because you were not involved in the decision, the process. Because you did not get to make the choice yourself.

See constructed society as the experiment that it is. Observe the world. Find ways to make your world and The world a better place for spirit.

Be aware when you are being tested: to see if you have the courage of your convictions… Are you really willing to stand up for what you believe in, but through the heart – by showing love and compassion, and withholding judgment?

See how the world/others respond, react when you shine your light and let/help others shine theirs. See the difference you make from within the experiment and experience of life here on .

After all, this is why you are here, isn't it?

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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