Only days before , a very odd video was posted to describing a solid overunity system. The video claims that with an input of only ten watts, a kilowatt of output can be obtained.


I told Hank that I thought he was too critical of the video quality, and that the focus should be on the content. But given limits in time and the importance of putting something up about this development, I went ahead and published his article pretty much as he wrote it. — Sterling D. Allan  
See comment at the end: One of the most complete disclosers of free energy ever!


by Hank Mills
Pure Systems News

I've watched a lot of online videos in which overunity claims were discussed or demonstrated. Some of the videos were better made than others, but none of them made me feel like I was watching a low budget horror flick. However, I recently watched a video made by a group of people claiming overunity gains of energy that was downright spooky. I would go so far as to call it the "Blair Witch Project" of overunity videos. Everything about the video was downright odd, to the point I almost felt dizzy watching it.

The basic claim of the video is that a group of three people from , England, and , have discovered a solid state method of producing huge overunity gains of electrical power. From the information I could gather from the video, the system is composed of a toroidal transformer that has been cut in . A regular winding is wrapped around one of the halves, and a bifilar winding is wrapped around the other . A modulated, high frequency (400 kilohertz) input of about ten watts is applied to one of the setup. The result is that a much higher amount of power will emerge from the winding on the second of the setup. In fact, the output is claimed to be 150 watts without a spark gap (not sure how they are generating one), and one kilowatt with a spark gap.

The video is difficult to follow, and is very bizarre. It starts off with scenes of a city and children, and claims that their discovery is being suppressed. They claim that the website was "shot down", and that is a sign the powers that be are trying to keep their technology covered up. In fact, they urge everyone to download the video to their hard drives, because it could be taken down any time. Here is some text that appears early on in the video.




It should be noted that the video is now featured on (thread), and it is obvious zero suppression was taking place.

As the video continues, its bizarreness becomes apparent. It appears that someone is doing an experiment via a video call, and that someone is filming the screen of the monitor. The camera is shaky, the room is dark, and the sound quality is awful. The in the video begins to discuss the setup, but people speaking in other languages start to interrupt him. In addition, there are very strange background sounds. 

Eventually, a strange echo appears, and for a period of time I cannot understand anything that is being said. The testing continues, and two halves of a toroidal transformer are shown. Each half is wound in a different way. The person in the video doing the experiment tries to explain the circuit and the equipment being used, but I find everything very hard to follow. Much of the time English is not being spoken, but some other language.

Later on in the video, a light bulb is lit up with the output of the device. I believe I heard it said the light bulb was rated at 100 watts. The input is supposed to be only ten watts.

The odd sounds and shakiness continues, until that portion of the video is complete. Afterwards, there is another in which a person shows the various components the viewers of the video would need to replicate. The audio is better in this , and the video is much clearer. The weird thing about this part of the video is that the person is either speaking very fast, or the audio is in fast forward mode. It makes it difficult to understand what is being said. 

In the final segment, a circuit diagram of the setup is presented, and the explanation for how the device works is once again provided. I did not understand all of the explanation. It seems that in addition to the two halves of the toroid with special windings, there are also other components that can be used. It is stated using a capacitor can increase the effect, and it is importance to "match the impedance", which they did not do in the video.

I applaud these researchers for trying to build an overunity system. Their technology may actually work, or it may not. I don't know. However, if they want to share information about their technology, I would sincerely ask them to make a much clearer, and easier to understand video. The simple fact is that their present video is simply creepy to watch. If I had a breakthrough technology that I thought was being suppressed, I would try my best to make any video I posted as easy to understand as possible. 

At least it was a fitting video to post just before Halloween. 

Perhaps their next video will be better.

Here is the video for you to watch and comment on. Perhaps you can understand more than I could.

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See comment below: One of the most complete disclosers of free energy ever!

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Feel free to view/post comments down below. This is one that came in by Skype:

One of the most complete disclosers of free energy ever! 

A friend of wrote:

Disappointed in the presentation your webpage gave on 

They have done a fantastic job documenting this work and it is one of the most complete disclosers of free energy ever! your webpage makes them look like stupid people. If they ask me if I know you because of this article I would not be happy to say yes…this is a slap in there face…

This project has all the ear markings of great work, they are using a lot of good principals that I have been studding for a long time…my first impressions of this is that it is the real thing…my team has all ready spent over a thousand $$ studding this idea.

I would really consider removing Hank's article…and making a real one with good points not artistic marks on the video…but a real article on science…

I know you did not make this article but it is disappointing that you let it go on your webpage….

Later on, maybe today I can help you write an article.

First, read this: 

There is also stuff on the forums on this.

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