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Tuesday, 1 November, 2011  (posted 2 November, 2011)

Message for November 2011

Welcome back. November looks set to be a month of empowerment, activity, focus, vision and forwards movement! There is a sense of excitement and anticipation as dreams are re-kindled and re-energised, and a feeling of deep shift and emerges, globally and individually.

Ceres, Neptune and all move direct over the course of the month and this seems to shift the previous strong inner focus to a more balanced focus that looks both ways. Spiritually there is a feeling of increased awareness and connectedness to the Universal energies (the Divine).

Power is a key theme over the coming weeks, and it seems that the more we can take back the controls of our lives, the more we will our own power and potential. Life is what we make of it this month, as we have the opportunity to re-shape and re-mould our paths ahead.

The Full Moon is in Taurus on the 10th at 20.16 GMT and is in Sagittarius on the 25th (06.09 GMT). There is a partial solar eclipse on (mainly visible from ).

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Reclaiming the power in your life continues to be a strong theme throughout November as you face some fairly big decisions on your path ahead. There is a sense that you may feel a little overwhelmed or unsure of which way to turn as your heart and your seem to be in disagreement over the best way to go, but it is important to keep your eye on your goals and to listen to your intuition to guide you. Of course, in practice it can be hard to remain focused as well as listen to your higher Self when you feel awash with uncertainty, but are on the brink of possibly one of the most significant turning points of your life, so you really need to try! You are now entering a time of change, shift and movement; a time to re-shape your life and to reach towards your dreams….

Clarity and vision can be hard to maintain, particularly when you feel confused about where to go next, but stop for a moment; life might be busy and chaotic, but deep within you, your focus is unbending, it is clear, and you know exactly what you want! Illusion would be too strong a word here, but you seem to be allowing yourself to be guided by the surface chaos rather than by your wise, courageous, pioneering inner Self. This is most unlike you, for you take pride in your strong sense of Self. The time has come to re-connect and to realise that you can remain static like a buoy in stormy seas being battered by the waves and choices of others, or you can up anchor, face the storm, focus on your destination and take back the wheel…


As November begins it seems that the new chapter of your life that you have been eagerly awaiting with baited breath finally starts to unfold. You have been patient (well, as patient as a Taurean can be!), and you have been waiting a long time for this moment! However, now it is on your doorstep, don’t you think it’s time to affirm your goals and dreams?! You have been waiting for this new beginning, but you haven’t, as yet, clarified exactly what you want! Part of the reason for this is self-doubt (will you please do yourself a favour and realise that you are an amazing soul?) but the main reason is that you have spent so long focused on the needs and dreams of others that focusing on your Self feels almost too indulgent.

It is time to realise that you are not insignificant; you are a worthwhile, wonderful and gifted individual. You have a chance now to take that magical quill and write your own script; this new chapter is of your own making. It is time to let go of that corrosive and erosive self-doubt and to tap into the excitement and energy within you; it is finally time to re- those flames within and to realise that your dreams are no longer inaccessible or on hold. Of course, at the end of the day, you have a choice. You can keep waiting and hoping for life to take care of itself you take care of others, or you can reclaim your sense of Self and step forth with courage and . This is not about abandoning those close, it is simply about acknowledging you!


Owning your decisions continues to be a strong theme in your life throughout November. It seems that taking back the control in your life is taking on its own momentum as you are beginning to realise that you do have a say in what’s next! Whilst you will never stop over-thinking and philosophising, for that is your way; you need to be open to feeling your way ahead now. Head and heart need to work in union if you are to make the most of this new found freedom and control. Owning your decisions and choices is a natural step on this pathway, for you cannot take control until you take responsibility for your actions, thoughts and choices. Empowerment comes from responsibility, and it is your time to be truly, madly and deeply empowered and inspired…

So, as the weeks progress, it seems clear that you need to take some time to re-focus on your life and your path. You have been successfully treading water recently, but the time has come to chose a direction and to swim! Whether it be front crawl, the butterfly (seems apt!) or doggy paddle, it matters not; what really matters is the choice to move; to break the inertia. Of course, you strive for perfection, and may not want to swim until you have learnt the perfect technique or your mind might tell you that it’s dangerous to swim until you have become a master at it. Of course, in many ways this is true, but life never carries a guarantee. You can have a safety noodle or some inflatable arm bands if that helps (might cramp your style), but movement is what’s needed now. Your life is in your hands…


The theme of change continues throughout November as you look set to face some big and hefty decisions about your path ahead. Deep within you there is a strong sense of shift and movement, which is exciting and energetic, but on the surface you seem more shaken than stirred. There can be no denying that change is not always easy, nor does it carry any guarantees; but the restlessness within you does not want to abate, therefore you need to make a decision about what to do next. Fear is your biggest enemy, and in many ways this is the archetypal ‘monster in the wardrobe syndrome’, for the more you fear it, the bigger and scarier it becomes, and the more power and energy you give it.

So, are you happy to stay as you are now? Is everything perfect and complete in your life? If so, then you have nothing to do. If, however, things are not as bright and rosy as you would like, you need to face that monster in the wardrobe and realise that your doubts and fears are your biggest enemy now. It is time to realise that you are bright, talented and gifted, and the more you embrace and believe this, the smaller that fear monster will become. Feed this cycle with self-belief, confidence and strength and pretty soon the monster will evaporate leaving a closet full of sunshine, rainbows and ‘loverly’ things! Your life really is in your hands now, so shake off that inertia, face those fears and enjoy the ride!


November sees that fire in your belly continue to burn brightly; your creativity and passion for life is driving you forwards with confidence, courage and self-belief. There is an air of invincibility around you which is undeniably strong and powerful, and whilst it is wise not to take this for granted, it does seem to be the catalyst for change that you have been searching for. The power of your belief, intent and self-knowing are the keys to your success, making this a time where life seems to be flowing with ease and joy. Instinctively you know what to do, where to go, what to say etc. and this is enabling you to make the most of opportunities that come knocking.

Opportunity would usually indicate change, but this is not clear at the moment. It seems that these opportunities are presenting themselves to you in order for you to decide what you truly want from life. So, you may well find yourself turning them down and walking away. This is not a bad thing though, for making such important decisions is empowering and life affirming, and the more you take back the controls in your life, the stronger and more fired up you will become. As the month progresses, you can expect to gain an increasingly clearer picture of what you truly want from life. Once you have tapped into this vision, then your inner fire will burn brighter and you will begin to feel a deep sense of knowing that you are focusing your energies and your life in the right direction. Listen to your inner voice to guide you now…


The planets look set to rev up the pace of your life in November from a gentle hum to a powerful roar! You have been keeping on keeping on, working hard and moving forwards with your life, but it has been lacking that all important va-va voom. There is no denying that you are using your talents and gifts, but that stage whisper in your ear continues to ask you where the magic is? Why does your life feel so pedestrian and ordinary? As November progresses, you can expect a time of deep introspection and reflection as you begin to listen to that stage whisper and re-connect to the passion and creativity within you. Once you take the time to re-connect, your energy and focus will lift and you will begin to feel energised and motivated; that powerful roar of energy within you wants some freedom now to explore and have fun!

Whilst upping sticks and going back-packing around the world would be one way to express this freedom, a more likely expression is through re-injecting the passion, sparkle and va-va voom back into your life, path and destiny. Why is it that this is lacking? Have you stepped onto the ‘wrong’ path or have you lost sight of your true dreams and goals? The time has come to re-connect to what you truly want from your life and to realise that you can succeed and still live from your heart (and your head of course, oh logical one!). Life does not have to be about drudgery and routine; it can be magical and exciting. It is time to change your perspective and to re-embrace the passion in your life…


Endings, beginnings. Beginnings, endings. You would be forgiven for feeling confused and extremely discombobulated as you enter November for you are really not quite sure if you are coming, going or have got lost somewhere in between! Whilst the theme of decisions and empowerment continues, you seem to have temporarily disempowered yourself through doubt and a lack of self-belief. You over-think; there really can be no denying that for you are a philosopher and you want to understand everything! Your desire to weigh up the options and work out the best strategy moving forwards is admirable and logical, but it can mean that you end up getting so lost in the detail that you lose sight of your dreams and goals in the process!

The time has come for you to realise that you need to believe (in your Self, in your gifts and in your power) and use the mighty power of your intent to re-empower yourself and your life. Shut out the ‘noise’ all around you from the over-thinking and begin to re-connect to the power and purity of your dreams and goals. This is not just thinking about them though; it is feeling their power and energy, not doubting that they are already manifesting in reality and knowing that you absolutely have what it takes to live joyfully, abundantly and blissfully. Try not to think this, feel it, connect to the energy and the power and know that this goes way beyond the mind; it is a state of Being. You are at a crossroads, and this crossroads is your chance to finally embrace your own magnificence and to realise that you are a wonderful, talented and gifted soul…


November looks set to be a month of productivity in so many areas of your life. It seems that you have been chomping at the bit for quite some time to see some changes to your life and routine, and opportunity looks set to come knocking over the coming weeks bringing with it a chance for you to shake everything up considerably! Shaking yourself free from the inertia of your life will give you a welcome and refreshing break from the routine that you have found yourself in. Not that you are unhappy with routine, but you do like a little more spontaneity and unpredictability in your life! The more you shake things up, the more likely you are to break free from those ties and bounds that have been holding you back (including those self-imposed ones of self-doubt and uncertainty).

There is a need for you to re-connect to your inner pool of power and realise that this is the key to you embracing change and re-injecting some passion, creativity and adventure back into your life. November certainly seems to be a turning point for you, there is a sense that you may need to walk away and set yourself free from some unhealthy dynamics in your life, and this may cause a little unrest. But it seems clear that your life is what you make of it, and some harder decisions now are likely to see your future unfold with energy, excitement, freedom and fun. So, be strong and know that the choices you make now will impact your life for years to come (no pressure then!). Try not to be afraid of your power or your gifts and do allow your intuition to guide you.


November looks set to be a month of empowerment, self-realisation and forward movement for you. There is a sense of huge productivity and activity in your life now as you begin to truly believe in yourself and your talents. Remember that you are a star, and you need to shake that twinkle of yours brightly now for there are some influential forces observing the horizon for a new twinkle to talent spot, then nurture and support! In other words, the more you can believe in yourself and be visible, the more likely you are to be noticed for the talented soul that you are! This is a time to leave self-doubt behind you, to focus and to truly believe in your Self. Once you believe, then your aura will glow with confidence, creativity and passion, and no one will overlook you then!

Much of this belief stems from within you, for you are the key to your own success. It is important for you to honour yourself and your gifts, and to know that the more connected you become to your dreams, the more power, energy and life you give them. If you get distracted, then the focus and the power ebbs away and dissolves. Of course, distraction is ‘your thing’ for you love variety and the spice of life, but why not focus all those spices into one amazing dish that will amaze and wow everyone? You have what it takes to succeed and to manifest your dreams into reality; once you can truly believe this, feel it and intend it, then you have done the hard bit. Your life and your destiny are certainly in the spotlight, so why not make the most of this energised and exciting cosmic climate?


You are one of life’s pioneer’s, boldly going where no one has gone before! You are a visionary and have some amazing dreams and goals; you think big and your ideas go way beyond you as an individual, for you see how to bring about lasting and positive change. At the same time, you have a plethora of talents and gifts, experiences and wisdom that all merge together giving you some impressive life qualifications! Yet, despite all of this, you still seem to doubt your Self! You wonder if you have what it takes to achieve your dreams and you wonder if your dreams will ever become more than dreams. It seems that by far the biggest obstacle that you face in life is you! Despite all of your knowledge and all of your experience, you just cannot see your own power and potential.

November looks set to bring you a huge shift of perspective though, for there is a sense of opportunity knocking that will push you closer to your dreams than ever before. This could simply be a change in how you think and see the world and your life, but more likely is the realisation that you actually are rather talented after all. So, no more hiding under bushels or doubting yourself! The time has come for you to embrace your full potential and to use all of your talents and gifts to full advantage in life. You finally feel awake and alive, full of vim, vigour and zest, and with all of this going on within you, it seems clear that you have the power now to change your life and your destiny by your own fair hands. These are exciting, liberating and wonderful times…


November looks set to be a time of renewed focus, vision and confidence for you as you begin to reclaim your sense of Self. Not that you have been lost, but you seem to have found yourself all at sea in the flow of life without a paddle, or even a boat! So it is wonderful to see that you can begin to navigate your own life once again; it is important to remain focused there, for there is a sense that you may decide to take a rather long and winding route to a much desired goal. Akin to circumnavigating the globe in one direction when you could just take a few steps in the other direction and reach your destination! So, keep your focus sharp and your vision clear, and you look set to move your life forwards in some amazing ways over the coming weeks…

At the same time, the need to quieten your mind continues; that grand prix roar that goes on and on inside your mind that represents a million and one thoughts rattling round and round really needs to STOP! Give yourself a break and enjoy a little peace and quiet. Inner stillness and tranquillity are the keys to you making the most of the above opportunities; if you are too distracted by the noise in your head then you are unlikely to be able to either see or think clearly. Quietening your mind does not mean not thinking it simply means getting rid of all of that clutter that you so love to collect. It is time to focus on quality not quantity now…


November looks set to be a month of inner shift and outer shift for you, in some ways it is a month of doing the Hokey Cokey (one arm in, one arm out, shake it all about etc.)! The reason for this is because you have reached a crossroads and a turning point in your life; you have realised that you have the power to bring about the change that you desire. Yes, the power is already within you, and the more that you can believe this, the more that you will see just how powerful you actually are!

The reason for the strange dance is simply a need for you to test the water and to be sure that you are actually clear what your dreams are. So, exploring a little bit of this and a little bit of that will help you to be sure! Whilst you might have a good idea of your dreams, you need to be sure now, for the heavens are inviting you to declare your intent to the Universe! Perhaps it is the magical origins of this dance (Hocus Pocus) or perhaps it is simply you realising that you are ready to take back the power, but there is a strong theme of success, change and new beginnings…  

As your power, vision, strength and dreams begin to re-emerge over the coming weeks, and it seems that many of life’s challenges that have previously seemed insurmountable will shift in perspective and seem quite small and insignificant in the scheme of things. You look set to feel increasingly empowered as time progresses, and this is purely down to you: your thoughts, your perception and your decisions…

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