11 November 2011


JKM 11-10-11 Mother Cahokia Speaks of the of the 13th Sun
Judith at Cahokia Mounds at 11:44 pm and Sean at the Sanctuary at 10:44 pm PST

JKM Mother Cahokia opens the doorways to the and the cosmic principle of the power of the 13th sun comes upon the Earth.

JKM 11-10-11 Mother Cahokia Speaks of the Epiphany of the 13th Sun
Judith at Cahokia Mounds at 11:44 pm and Sean at the Sanctuary at 10:44 pm PST
I am at Cahokia Mounds by the Gateway Conference Center in my room and Sean is in B. C.
We open to the Heart of Universal Oneness in the consciousness of Creation.

I am the womb of Cahokia. I am the ancient source of at the center of the cosmos on the inner plane of this sacred temple.

You see before you the ones who came before. They carried the songs of the place in Creation, in the place of the Origin. They were called to this place in the universe to create the temple of light as a doorway of light, a doorway to the cosmos.

Those, who could journey through, entered and became . They were sent here from all over the universe to take human form. Coming here, they knew of the doorway to the inner planes, the doorway to the cosmos. Beings from all over the universe came to the Mother of Life to enter the cycles of Creation as incarnate beings. Here, here, they were called. Here, they came.

There were portals, entry planes, different for different Ages. Different for different cardinal directions and the ones who came from all over the universe, followed the Pathway of Light, illuminating the Way, the cosmos. They came here and they brought sacred gifts. I open to them, for I am Cahokia Mounds, Cahokia Mother. I open to them, revealing the cosmic knowledge. I open to them, the doorways to the planes and the energies of the cosmos. My womb is rich and fertile. It is pure light.

They brought the gifts, long ago when they came and incarnated on the Earth. They brought the gifts. They blessed me. They blessed the life of Earth and each gift brought more light. Ages upon Ages, even before the sacred temple that you see was built. Even before then. Ages upon Ages, the Temple of Light was upon the sacred Earth. And the Ancient Ones live here. Their cosmic bodies are part of the Earth, deep, deep in the womb space of my heart in the inner planes.

These doorways of light were invisible to those who are not ready to see or given entrance or those who were unaware of .

I am Mother Cahokia. I waited, knowing the time of the 12 Suns, that these days of the 12 Suns, would align with the Central Force of the Sun of Suns, the Cosmic Principle of the 13th Sun. The Cosmic Principle of the Sun of Creation. Now is the awaited time. I AM Mother Cahokia. My voice is the voice of the Cosmos.

Sean, I am going into one of those transcendental states. (OK)

Creation awaits and many of the souls that came from all over the universe to incarnate here in ancient times and to know the Pathway of Cosmic Order that leads to the inner planes. Many of those souls are in other worlds now. Worlds upon worlds upon worlds that have waited. For they came and they gave their gift and the Gift lives in the womb space of the inner plane. And these beings who came from all over the universe, they feel the vibration. They know you have come here to pray. A lot of them is the light of the inner planes of the soul of Cahokia. Ages upon Ages upon Ages come together now in one place in time, a doorway of Infinite Light.

There are those who came here in later years thinking that they could harness the power to find the Source. But it was denied to them because they were not ready and I sent them away as a mother sends her children off to learn. And I waited, for I knew that those ones were ignorant to cosmic law and cosmic purpose would pass with the Age and so I waited patiently until the Time of the Calling of and the Condor.

There truly is a Cosmic Family of Light and many who have come here now remember, as only your spirit can know, the vibration of the Cosmic Plane and your relationship to the Universal Family of Light.

I AM Mother Cahokia. I prepare now to open the doorways to the inner planes. Because I know, I know the ones here upon the Earth who can enter the cosmos through the Portals of Light and bring forth from the womb space the manna of the Ancients, the manna that was brought here from all over the universe, The Gift, the Prayers and the Light that I have protected in my womb space, Ages upon Ages upon Ages.

I awaken. I feel the vibration of Cosmic Source, the rhythm of the 13th Sun, a pulse of universal Oneness.

You have entered the Solar Day of the 13th Sun. This Day you call the 11-11-11. The elements of universal order are in alignment with the forces of Cosmic Law. The beings, the Immortal Ones, have long awaited passage of the Time of Times. It is in this place in Creation that Creator chose to manifest the Cosmic Principle of the 13th Sun. I open the womb space and welcome you, for you have come to enter the inner planes to bring forth the manna that feeds life to the universe. That feeds Life to this the Blue Green Mother.

Cosmic Law is the Law of Universal Oneness. It lives here in the inner planes of the cosmos, the inner realms of cosmic order.

The blood of my life is given to the Earth now, flowing rivers of light and manna of peace. These are cosmic rivers.

I AM Mother Cahokia. Mother of Life in this place in Creation. I feel the prayers of the sacred ones who have come here to this place in the universe. I welcome them. Partake generously of the liquid light that springs forth from the womb space, for those who are here. For there are those here who remember the Doorways of Light to the inner planes of the cosmos and they have returned to remember the Cosmic Plan.

I speak on this night to these who are praying. Their prayers are for the Earth and for the children. Their prayers are vibrations of light that I receive and all over the universe the beings that came here, the Ages of Ages of Ages, the Beings who have opened a pathway of light to the inner planes of the Cosmos in my womb space. They are with you now. They are immortal beings of light. They are with you now. They have entered with these ceremonies They stand with you. They stand with you. They are in their worlds and there is no distance between you now. The time has come, the Time of the 13th Sun.

I draw the orb, the Golden Mean. I draw to me the power of the 13th Sun., I open my womb space to receive the gift of the 13th Sun. (Oh God) I am birthing. I am birthing. I am birthing. I AM birthing. I am birthing. I Am birthing. I Am birthing. I AM.

Manna, and the Light has just begun. It is the Light of the 13th Sun. I am pregnant with the power of Creation. My womb space is filled with life. Galaxies and star systems spiral in the inner planes of cosmic order, the space of my womb. I AM. I AM. I AM Mother Cahokia. A constant place in the planes and realms of dimensions of Cosmic Order. I breathe now the breath of universal life.

I have drawn to me cosmology of universal order to be seen in the visions of the Prophets of the Golden Age of Peace, Knowledge Nation, multidimensional. And on these days, you will step into purpose with the rhythm of universal order. This is the Law of the 13th Sun.

Stand to the East as the 1st rays of light touch the Earth. You will feel the power of the 13th Sun has come upon the Earth. Celebrate this day of Life. We have waited long for the coming of this time.

There are some that will pass this way and not see or hear or feel but those who stand in the Eastern Gate will experience illumination because the time of the Illuminant Ones is at hand. I call you to the Eastern Gate to stand in the place of the Suns of Light.

As this morning's sun rises upon this sacred earth, the rays will penetrate the Eastern Door and it will open the inner planes with Source of the Cosmos of the Cosmic Manna, the Gift of Life.

Stand in the Eastern Door and you will spin through the universe.

Now is the Epiphany. Now is the Epiphany of Light of the 13th Sun. Now is the Epiphany of Light of the 13th Sun.
OK Sean it is just like I am having a total white light experience. White light. White light.
The lunar, stellar and solar forces, cosmic forces, illuminate the Epiphany of Light on the Day of the 13th Sun.

I have long awaited the speaking of these words to the of Light, these words are spoken and my voice resonates with the Harmonics of the Golden Mean, pouring forth love. I AM. I AM. I AM the Light of the Inner Planes. I AM Mother Cahokia.

(Holy God, I am everywhere. I am nowhere. In the Thaedra. I am in the universe. I am here. I am in this Omni vibration right now, the Omni vibration. It is the Omni vibration, the Epiphany of the 13th Sun is the Omni Vibration. I am just white light now.

Blessed be. Blessed be.
JKM 11-11-11 Epiphany of the 13th Sun
Judith in Cahokia after 12 midnight and Sean at the sanctuary after 10 am PST

This is the epiphany of the 13th Sun, Sean. Do you know how many ancestors are out there right now. There are more ancestors than you could imagine. The way the vision is that the Cahokia Pyramid is planes. As you move up the pyramid there are cosmic planes. There are those who stand on the Earth and then there are those who stand on these angles of light in the cosmic planes.

I can see them. I can vision them. I can see them. Imagine this pyramid is as big as Giza. So imagine these cosmic planes like sheets of glass intersecting at certain conjunctions of cosmic order on the cosmology of Cahokia. Imagine sheets of glass in the cosmic planes. They are on those cosmic planes like mirrors, cosmic planes, big sheets of . There are standing the universal beings, the Immortal Ones and they are present through time and space for this epiphany of the 13th Sun.

I am burning up. I can feel it in my womb.

They are standing and they all have their hands up. There is a flower. It is like a squash blossom coming out of the top of Cahokia Mounds. It is like a flower. Open, open, like a womb flower and the seed of the 13th Sun is entering the Cahokia Womb. That is the Epiphany of the Light.
I am burning up.

And at 12:44 am. It happened at 12:44 am It is important it is recorded, at 12:44 am the 11-11-11 the Flower opened and the seed of the 13th Sun entered the cosmos of the Cahokia Womb. 12:44 on 11-11-11 the flower opened and the seed of the 13th Sun was received, the cosmos of the Cahokia Womb. The Epiphany. This is the Epiphany. It is now. It is the Epiphany, Sean, now. 12:44 11-11-11. It is the Epiphany of Light.


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Emotional Dynamics of Interfacing of Apocalypse and Ascension
Tr. and ed. Sandra and Sean

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